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Posted 09/26/14 - 1:59 PM:
Subject: Mr. Nobody--The fantastic story of a nine year old
Note: The following review contains spoilers.

Zugzwang--only viable move is not to move.

IMDb wrote:
[first lines] Nemo Nobody adult: Like most living creatures, the pigeon quickly associates the pressing of the level with the reward. But when a timer releases a seed automatically every 20 seconds, the pigeon wonders, what did I do to deserve this? If it was flapping its wings at the time, it will continue to flap, convinced that its actions have the decisive influence on what happens. We call this "pigeon superstition."

This is the best science fiction movie I have ever seen. At first I thought that it was a hodge podge of Jacob's Ladder , The Butterfly Effect and Parallel Worlds. But as the movie proceeded, I found that it's romance, mystery, science-fiction, action and thriller all embedded in one single package!

Amongst the movies I mentioned above Parallel Worlds was the worst movie and The Butterfly Effect was the best. A few minutes down in the movie Butterfly Effect is mentioned. The Superstring theory, The Big-Bang and The Big Crunch are also portrayed in a beautiful fashion in this film.

We read words 'Chance' and 'Way Out' at the railway station where the nine year old stands--giving the hint about plasticity of story. This is a colorful scientific tale which is aesthetically pleasing as well. The way many scenes cut-out into each other engrosses your mind in a most wonderful way.

Halfway through the film I was thinking that the story lacks an anchor--a central character who narrates the story is missing and that the chunk of information given about the characters was overwhelming and confusing at once ---but by the end I realized that narrator is the old man and the creator is the nine year old--it rendered the climax in a most exquisite way.

There are many science fiction films which don't hold good till end--but this movie does it--in fact I must say that the last 30 minutes are most intriguing part of the film. Movies like this make you a science fiction fan.

The following trivia for this film taken from IMDb is very interesting:

IMDb wrote:
Free movement across time is a recurring theme of the film. The central character's name is Nemo, which when spelled backwards is 'omen', a foretelling of the future. Further, his main love interest is Anna and his daughter is Eve, both of which are the same when read in reverse.

Nemo is Latin for "nobody". It was the name that Odysseus gave the Cyclops.A recurring phone number in the film, 123-581-1321, is the start of the Fibonacci sequence disregarding the random 1 in the middle.

Last film of composer 'Pierre Van Dormael' before his demise in 2008.

You cannot overemphasize the good quality of songs and music in the film. This makes all the scenes even more appealing--when you watch a movie like this you know that it's a musical tale of beauty. This movie has a clever, thought provoking and complicated plot. It's an intelligent movie questioning the way we perceive time and our existence.
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