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Posted 09/22/14 - 2:06 PM:
Subject: Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson
I was disappointed by the book or I should say I was disillusioned after reading it. The tag line describing the content of book affirms it to be The final secret of Illuminati. Let me warn you---it is not a book about Illuminati.

It's a semi-autobiographical work by Robert Anton Wilson, celebrated author of Illuminatus trilogy. According to the author this is his most talked about work in the sense that he received copious amount of communication from wide range of audience on it.

The book is divided in three parts--I liked the first part over the other two. The book contains mostly RAW's(Robert Anton Wilson) pseudo-scientific experiments with various drugs, his visions and experience with synchronicities surrounding Sirius(the dog star), number 23, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley and others mostly of his ilk.

You will find author extolling Timothy Leary in most of the book. No wonder Timothy Leary appreciates him in the preface of the book. By authors account Timothy Leary introduced the author to his mate in prison as 'The wisest person on the face of earth.' So, yes, this is a book telling you how substantial ideas of Timothy Leary and Crowley were. This book is also about overoptimistic claims of author about immortality and space-travel. You may prefer optimism over pessimism, but too optimistic claims which don't materialize in reality lead eventually to pessimism in my humble opinion. Take for example--claims like space colonies by year 2000, immortality by year 2012 and so on. You don't expect such things from the wisest person on face of earth, do you?

In the beginning, RAW makes an impression of a real agnostic, but if you read carefully enough you would find that he is a believer. He just poses a face to sound like one open to many interpretations, but if you proceed through book, you find that he is not what he pretends to be---he is a firm believer in almost everything 'Leary' and 'Crowley'. Moreover--the book is not about finding the ultimate truth or peace of mind---but rather making yourself subject to higher intelligences---whatever they might be--so this book seems to be Satanic, though it attempts a lot to sound not like one.

I think it might have been a cerebral work for the audience when it was published back in 1977--but today as I read it--it's mostly crap---not because I am too skeptical or Science has advanced a lot--but rather because most of the predictions of the author failed horribly. The experiments done by RAW cannot be performed by an average reader because: drugs are not available to him! The book is about author's friend Leary, about Crowley(his spiritual Guru) and about himself. I think you should not waste your time reading it. And yes--there is no final secret of Illuminati in the book.
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