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Posted 09/22/14 - 2:04 PM:
Subject: In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky
In Search of the Miraculous(ISOM) is undoubtedly one of the most bogus books I have read in the long time. It has nothing miraculous about it. The bogus student of an insincere teacher makes a career by writing a book about his adventures. From the very beginning his premise is flawed--he used to visit oriental schools in search of miraculous(read occult powers!). He was consistently pursuing a career in journalism even when undertaking journeys in east. He never had an intention of realizing himself---he just wanted to make it big as a writer. { Ah! I might be completely wrong about charismatic disciple of charismatic Guru--but that is the impression he makes on my mechanical mind!}

The teachings of the teacher have nothing novel about them--but he never fails to underscore the fact(read fantasy) that he is the first man to introduce those teachings to the world. He boldly asserts along with his disciples that the very fact because of which the people like me assume this teaching to be an old teaching proves that we are machines. What a catch huh? If I fail to admit that your teaching is a pile of shit I must not be a machine!

Gurdjieff is an example of a failed Guru--not because he did not succeed in teaching but because aim of the teaching was crooked from the beginning. Yes, it was beelzebub teaching to his grandchildren about how to break out of mechanicalness and start doing. Oh really? What could a machine do?


What could a man do?

A man is capable of playing with his disciples. A man can hypnotize people(machines). A man can kill a yak from a distance of 3 miles with his psychic power! A man can choose to improve his telepathic skills. If you think you have understood the teachings you have failed to understand---if you think you don't understand shit---you're right--keep groping in the dark because there is no teaching there whatsoever! Then, is it Zen, you might be asking--no it's hard science of Beelzebub!

Wow--this is what he calls miraculous! Becoming man from a machine to exercise power of whole mind---what a great aim to work for!

The aim to get rid of suffering is not an aim for G. He is least concerned with it---he wants you to become capable of reincarnating again and again--this way you become immortal and capable of suffering. Satan is God absolute--pay homage to him by consciously choosing power over pity.

What about novelty of teachings?

There is nothing new about them. No matter how vehemently he asserts that his teachings are fresh and original---they're a mix of old and hogwash. Advaita Vedanta had it thousands of years before him as teachings---that man is dreaming whole the time---the world is illusory. Raman, Nisargadatta, Shankaracharya, Jiddu and a lot of others are teaching the same---that you're not remembering yourself and you have allowed yourself to mingle so much with the sense objects that you've created identification with them resulting in loss of 'being' --which is the very cause of suffering.

Just because you rephrase an old teaching it doesn't become a new teaching. Aside from it--the teaching has no grand aim at all---it's similar to Satanist teachings---all with same aim---becoming a vehicle to so called higher intelligence which is hell bent on sucking blood and bones. It's not about getting liberated for once and for all--it's about becoming more intelligent so that you rule over those machines which are part of accident.

Thanks beelzebub for your enlightenment. No matter how enlightened you're I prefer my sleep over your awakening--oh yes, because I am so pettifogging a sucker of mechanicalness.

There are two ways in Indian Yogic system---one goes towards God and another towards Siddhis--occult powers---the second part ensures that you never make it out of material illusion. Whether the first part does leads to God or actually to Satan posing in the shape of God might be a moot point for another day----Beelzebub's path is definitely the second one---making you mired in quag of occult powers and giving you a false sense of obnoxious--superior awakening over machines in your neighbourhood.

If you have not read the book, save yourself some time---the core of his teachings is--'self remembering'---so remember yourself and don't enter into the bogus world of obnoxious teacher who could not awaken himself leave alone his disciples.

The infamous Osho took legacy from Gurdjieff--take money from kiddas and keep it for yourself--instill the feeling in them that they are awakening and they are superior to the machines around them and keep on telling tales to your grandchildren!

Never ever interpret Charisma as enlightenment. The fourth way leads to eternal craving.
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