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Posted 09/12/14 - 5:35 PM:
Subject: Kundalini, Moon and Satan's Game
There are many cults giving emphasis to awaken Kundalini--the serpentine force located at the base of spine. According to mystics like Gurdieff, Kundalini or Kundabuffer(the term he used in his teachings) is an organ implanted in humans to provide food for Moon and to avoid them from realizing their true self.

Kundalini is power of imagination, working in many men to make them realize anything they want in the imaginary worlds instead of the real: Excerpt from a thesis:,%20Bennet%20and%20the%20Fourth%20Way.pdf
William James Thompson wrote:

He tells how in the remote past, when human beings had not long existed on the earth, the ‗angelic deputies‘ of the creator God, who had responsibility for the harmonious evolution of our portion of the Galaxy, made an ‗error of calculation‘ and thereby allowed a comet to crash into the earth.111 The collision resulted in the breaking off of a large fragment from the earth which became the Moon (together with a smaller fragment which Gurdjieff refers to as ―Anulios‖). This accident threatened to become a disaster on a much larger scale because of the disharmony which it would cause to the evolution of the solar system as a whole. A ‗damage limitation‘ strategy was undertaken. This required that vibrations be supplied from the earth‘s organic life in order to sustain the Moon and thereby to maintain harmony in the solar system. The newly arisen human beings on the earth were also required to participate in this provision of stabilizing vibrations.
Providing ‗food for the Moon‘ is depicted as a terrible fate for a ―three brained being‖ such as man who has been designed to fulfil a higher destiny. Mankind could not be expected to willingly accept such a fate. For this reason it was deemed necessary to implant a special organ in man which would serve to make him unaware of the objective nature of his being or of the fate which he was being forced to serve. Gurdjieff tells us that this organ was located near the base of the spine and gives it the name ―kundabuffer.The location and the first part of the name of this organ seem to indicate a connection with the kundalini of Tantric Yoga. Moreover, the second half of the name indicates a close connection with Gurdjieff‘s own concept of ―buffers‖ (see above) as given in both ISOM and Beelzebub (where it is named ―self-calming‖). Indeed, as was noted above, the internal source of man‘s extreme vulnerability to ‗the hypnotism of life‘ is, in ISOM, specifically connected with this ―kundalini‖. Gurdjieff claimed that the conception of kundalini as a liberating force that can be awakened is a totally mistaken one. He says:In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams take the place of is the force of Kundalini acting in him. Kundalini can act in all centers [sic] and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real.His perspective bears some similarity to that of Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Yoga where kundalini is acknowledged to be a dangerous and potentially destructive ―natural force‖ that should be consciously controlled through the higher centres (and should only be released by the thoroughly trained and prepared adept).

The Satan, after creating the mind as the chip implanted inside humans, created Kundalini as the base supplier of energy to this chip, a type of battery so to say. Kundalini is not there to help you liberate--it's there to just misguide you--to make you believe that you're getting liberated.

The purpose of organic life on earth is to facilitate the transmission of the Ray of Creation to the Moon such that it can evolve and eventually become a planet. Ouspensky records Gurdjieff speaking of the Moon as a gigantic electro-magnet which sucks the sustenance which it requires from organic life on earth.

Does it sound familiar? Yes--Moon or Soma is in-charge of emotional changes in psyche. All of us who get high on drugs are actually supplying energy to Moon to make it become a planet. It's Demiurge's cosmic plan for us--to have organisms on earth which supply energy to the Moon. Hatred, anger, war and massive catastrophes, all supply energy to Satan via Moon according to Gurdjieff.
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