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Posted 09/04/14 - 2:26 PM:
Subject: Lost: Similarities with gnostic world view
Lost and lost in Satan's island
I watched Lost TV series couple of years ago and enjoyed it well. A few days ago I learned about the Gnostic(Saint Mat) world view. Then, I recalled how crystal clear it became to me that Lost's story has striking similarity with Saint Mat's world view. It's possible that Lost's writer was inspired by those views or may be it's just a coincidence--in any case--lets see the similarities:

The Black Smoke, represents Demiurge or Satan--the negative power of universe. Jacob represents--the logos--the positive power inside universe. The island represents the universe. We see that it was The Black Smoke(TBS) who at first brought people on island by crashing the plane in order to prove a point. According to Saint Mat--rebellious Satan creates this universe and inhabits it with creatures to rule it to prove a point. TBS always misguides people, shows them their negative side and makes them wander and suffer on the island forever. Similarly Satan is hell-bent on keeping everyone in this material universe which is full of suffering, so that, his play continues.

Jacob represents the logos and he is obviously more powerful than the TBS. Jacob is the savior and guide of those who are lost. The word is indeed the savior and guide of humanity--very life of life. Jacob never wanted to make people suffer on island--the word is always pulling us towards God--towards our true home.

Then, the whole story makes sense seen in the light of Saint Mat's world view--except that there are certain marked differences in the plot to keep it look realistic--like Jacob's death. Moreover, TBS actually wants to leave the island whereas Jacob wants to keep him there--that doesn't match with typical characteristics of Satan and Logos; but the trait of -TBS of looking only at the dark side of psyche and Jacob's looking only at the bright side of psyche fall consistent with the typical characteristics of Satan and Logos

Satan can take any form to misguide people in universe--so does TBS. TBS tests people to the full and he is very powerful. Inside island people are trapped because of TBS, but outside they are free--similarly, we are having limited painful existence because we are in the kingdom of Demiurge
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