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Subject: Guru Nanak--Life and Teachings--Jairam Mishra
This is the first and only biography of Guru Nanak I have read. This is a brilliant book sketching the life of seer saint Nanak in a most vivid manner. The author Jairam Mishra is not only an intellectual but also a widely read spiritual personality. This book brings about sheer imagery of life events in the mind of reader as if he is witnessing them in person.

The book begins with portrayal of social background at the time of birth of Nanak. Then Nanak's extraordinary childhood in which he is shown as precocious spiritual child who makes all his masters his disciple, is narrated in a few chapters. In his adolescence, he has to face resistance from his materialistic father, because he is aloof from worldly duties and remains almost always in an ecstatic blissful state.

Then as a young man he gets married and still leaves his wife and children, in order to serve the humanity. He travels all across the country spreading his message of love and unity. He even went to foreign countries like Iraq, Mecca and Burma, blessing millions of souls which were in distress and pain. Throughout his travels he challenged the dogmatic and fanatic religious adherents and debated with them on various points concerning unity of mankind. He won every debate and he accepted every challenge which came in his way, not fearing anyone.

If you want to see a man who is a living example of Nietzsche's Live Dangerously doctrine-it has to be Nanak. Nanak was more than just 'live dangerously' for sake of doing it--he had a mission--he was a messenger from God. He came to blast hypocrites and fanatics and no power could stop him from doing so.

Nanak traveled for a whopping 20 years spreading the word of God--uniting people in love all across the India and Asia. We find his disciple Mardana accompanying him in most of his journeys. In those days travelling was not as easy as it's now--and yet--he was persistent and reached even to Kailash Mansarovar --on Himalaya, alarming Yogis who were living carefree there enjoying their time out with liquor and similar intoxicants. He suggested them to live a life for enlightening others instead of wasting time in seclusion.

Nanak finally settled in the town Kartarpur. There he created a real commune--his disciples worked with him in the fields and no one kept money for himself. All money was given to Guru Nanak who was kind and generous to bless everyone with material and spiritual food to nourish body mind and soul.

Nanak's life is a life of great seer saint. If you read the book you would find that there is not even a single event where facial expressions of Nanak turned into those of an angry and agitated man. You find a blissful smile on his face with half closed eyes. Only rarely when he finds his fellow brothers and sisters tortured by Sikandar Lodhi, we see a deep sorrow on his face and he cries for them out of compassion.

Unlike angry-obnoxious so-called-saints which are(were/will-be) a-dime-a-dozen, Nanak was a rare personality a living legend of compassion and harmony. Author briefly depicts his teachings and their similarities to other systems of Yoga in the end of book.

This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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