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Posted 08/29/14 - 11:04 AM:
Subject: Patience and Perseverance
"धीरे-धीरे रे मना, धीरे सब कुछ होय,
माली सींचे सौ घड़ा, ॠतु आए फल होय !"

Slowly slowly o mind, everything happens at its own pace;
Gardener waters hundreds of pots but the fruit appears only when its season comes.
--- Saint Kabirdas

We all remember our very early childhood days and our attempts at gardening. We used to sow a fruit seed and eagerly awaited it to ripe. We would see through soil- after an hour, a day or after two days -to find out whether the seed has become a plant or not. We wanted to eat fruits and all the knowledge required was with us(or we thought so)--that is--put the seed inside the wet soil and keep on watering it--plant should appear bearing fruit---how simple indeed. But when the plant did not use to appear from the seed in an hour or two, we would see it again and again, pour more and more water to it and ask our friends, parents or grandparents about it. If you hadn't had such experiences then your children or grandchildren or your neighbor's children might have displayed such behavior.

The point is that children have a restless mind. They want everything immediately. When we grow up we understand a few things and develop certain degree of patience--but is it enough? That is the question we should always be asking ourselves. Mind has been compared to an incessantly chattering monkey who is drunk and more than that a scorpion has stung it. It is not in the very nature of mind to let you concentrate on a task for very long. In order to achieve success in any field of endeavor you have to strive against this chattering monkey. This calls for understanding the importance of virtue of patience and perseverance.

Winston Churchill said "Men occasionally stumble over the truth but then most of them pick themselves up and walk away."—Winston Churchill"

This suggests that most of us have insights, visions and we keep on getting inspiration in our lives but then we don't have courage and patience to see through it till the end. In the couplet above, Saint Kabir says to mind that it should slow down, it shouldn't run helter-skelter because everything takes time. Kabir is especially talking about spiritual practices because most of his teachings are about getting spiritual enlightenment. He gives us an example of a gardener; who waters a plant for hundreds of hours but the fruit arrives only when the season has come for it. Similarly progress in spiritual practices is dependent on painstaking efforts done meticulously day-after-day-after-day for many years and someone who is not willing to deal with the monkey mind is not likely to persist long enough to see the real progress.

It is important to judge all pros and cons before choosing a field of practice or a technique of meditation. You should take everything into the account--take opinion of experts. But once you have started to practice and you know that it's the right choice--you must see through it till the very end. It takes patience and persistence but it is the only way out.

If you cultivate the virtue of patience and perseverance--you not only improve your chances of success but also improve the quality of relationships and atmosphere around you. Impatience accompanies anger, resentment and bitterness--persons who lack patience cannot tolerate even the slightest bits of shortcomings on part of their relatives or co-workers; they keep on projecting negativity into the environment they are in.

If you have patience and perseverance you are very likely to succeed in your chosen field of endeavor. You would also become a source of positive energy for others and you might even become a role model for others. You can never over emphasize the importance of patience and perseverance.
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