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Posted 08/26/14 - 3:24 AM:
Subject: Meditation basics and best practices
If you meditate, you might already be following what I am about to recommend, even if you don't you might like to inculcate some of these to assist you in your practice.

It's good to choose a meditation technique after enough contemplation and experience. It would really be great if you can contact a saint or a person who is really illuminated--difficult as it is, it might not be possible for everyone of us to find an enlightened master, in which case--you should go for a second best option, i. e. learn a meditation technique from a person who has been practicing it for long enough--say for example--for a decade or more. If you are not able to locate a person who can teach you to meditate in a live meeting(as opposed to a virtual or online meeting) then go for the third best option--which is to study standard books teaching meditation techniques. Please don't learn it online from articles like this one(how ironic indeed!) but if a great book is available online then it's an entirely different matter.

Having learnt a meditation technique --stick to it for a while--say for a period of 15 days at least or longer. You must not feel that you are bound to a type of meditation technique in any case. In the end they all lead to the same highway, it's just that some of them are more effective than others. For example--when you chant any mantra for meditating--it might work for you--but because of the intrinsic charge it carries the gurumantra i. e. a mantra given by a spiritual Guru who is enlightened to an initiate might work tens-to-thousands of times much more effectively. Learn as many meditation techniques as required before you reach to the special one which really works for you--i. e. which gives you the success you are looking for with least effort.

While working with a meditation technique--we are all familiar with basics like--choosing a good time to practice---if you sleep in night and work during the day(which most of us do)--preferable hours for meditation might be early morning hours because of the two main reasons--i.e. one--you're energetic after a good night sleep and second--atmosphere around you might be calm(if it's not calm--try to make it as calm as possible by finding a place which is free from disturbances of all types.). If you are a nocturnal creature then it's more effective to meditate in night when everyone else is asleep or near twilight time. It's important to note that morning hours between 4 to 6 AM and evening hours 6 to 8 PM are more conducive to meditation in general because they open the sushumna pathway for psychic energy--in scientific terms--balance between left and right hemispheres of brain is naturally at its best during those hours; hence they are more useful for meditation.

Choose a good posture which makes you comfortable and stick to it. Sticking to one time, one posture and one technique in particular for enough long is important for advancing in meditation. If you are not very busy then it would be great if you allot a lot of time to meditation since very beginning. Why it's so? It's so because if your mind finds out the advantages of meditation(which are 'plenty' indeed) manifesting quickly--then it's more likely that you would stick to it--in spite of all the ups and downs coming in your life--otherwise you're more likely to give your practices up in the very first few days!

When you're very confident about your meditation technique type and you devote enough time to it--you might notice a certain plateau at times--that is--experiences which are indicators of progress in meditation might not occur regularly--in such cases--always remember that these are just cycles and they are very likely to pass much sooner than you expect. Like any other endeavors in life-meditation does need patience and perseverance with method. In general, if you devote enough time to meditation, you would get new experiences and learn new knacks to assist you in your meditations on your own, at least once every fortnight. It is a good practice to keep track record of your practice--keep a journal devoted to mediation and record all the details everyday--it would help you make a swift progress.

There is a paradox of meditation --meditation improves your concentration(along with many other abilities) but in order to progress in meditation you need concentration. This is a tricky situation---if I already have a good concentration why would I meditate? Or if I don't have good concentration how can I make a good progress in meditation. The solution to this situation is--first off--meditation is not just about improving your concentration but about accessing whole mind and so on and secondly--in order to assist yourself with meditation you might use some other supporters or tranquilizers --which prepare you well for mediation--which in turn will assist you in keeping up with a good lifestyle---it's indeed a loop--For example--you might listen to good natural music before starting your meditation or you might silently chant a mantra before meditation. Please don't consume coffee or tea or other intoxicants--it's not going to help you in the long run! When you make good progress in meditation it will help you find more and more ways to assist with your meditation and contribute in improving your overall life situation.

Let me be blunt in suggesting that worst use of meditation techniques is to earn money by teaching them. Second worse use is to use them only as tranquilizers--where you meditate just before sleeping--that too for a very short period of time--it won't help much and I don't recommend such practices. Meditation as means and an end in itself is best practice. Meditating to assist yourself in your studies or work might be considered a good practice but best use of meditation is to improve your awareness of self. Meditation leads to illumination, bliss and God.

I wish you very best of luck with your meditation technique(s)!
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