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Posted 08/24/14 - 6:38 PM:
Subject: Ram of Kabir (कबीर के राम)
एक राम दशरथ का बेटा, एक राम घट घट में लेटा !
एक राम का सकल पसारा, एक राम सबहूँ ते न्यारा ! --- ---कबीर

There is a Ram who is son of king Dashrath, a Ram inside everyone of us.
A Ram who has created this all and there is one who is beyond all these!
- ----Kabir

Great saints of middle age in India like Kabirdas, Nanak, Raidas and Dariya saheb have used words like Ram, Govind and Hari in their teachings, sayings and songs. They did not really mean to suggest about avataras of bramh by using these names but rather they were pointing to the God beyond name and form or pointing to the word of God which is the positive force in the universe.

Take the couplet quoted above for example--in this beautiful succinct couplet saint Kabir has told about four entities all known as Ram . The first Ram is the most famous avatara who is the son of king Dashratha--who slayed demon king Ravana--he was an avatara of Bramh. The second one is 'mind' which is inside all of us, which is actually an agent of Kaal(Satan). The Satan exercises his power upon all of us through our minds. The third Ram is Kaal or Demiurge or Satan himself who has created this entire material world. He is the negative power in the universe. He is in-charge here. He is the ruler and God for most of us. He is being worshiped and adored by most of us. The last one is word or logos which is God himself--beyond all other mentioned earlier. The word is not only our liberator but also our true essence. It's the Ram addressed by Nanak and Kabir most of the times in their teachings and songs, whereas most of us confound it with the avatar Ram.
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