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Posted 08/19/14 - 7:14 PM:
Subject: Forgiveness and law of Karma
Forgiveness is considered an ethical virtue in almost every religion of the world. It's considered good to forgive so that you don't carry a baggage of resentment, vengeful and ill-feelings with you. It's considered a good practice to cultivate the habit of forgiving others for even small mistakes done by them, so that you may learn to forgive others, by and by, even for any offenses they commit against you.

If you reflect on nature of karma there remains nothing to be forgiven. When you realize that everything which happens to you, either good or bad, is actually result of the karmic seeds you have sown in the past; when you are aware of the store of the seeds inside your heart which become colorful fragrant flowers or devious thorns; you no longer blame anyone else for anything. Who is there to be forgiven if you alone are the one responsible for everything which is happening to you? Your parents, your friends, your wife, your job, your death and degrees of suffering and pain all were chosen by your soul for progressing further in its journey; therefore stop blaming others. Now is there any scope for an act of forgiveness if you see into it clearly. There remains none in my opinion. Like most other things we practice ethical or otherwise; practice of forgiveness is a sign of ignorance, though it promises a quick deliverance from it if cultivated earnestly.

There remain three broad categories of human beings then, if you consider the aforesaid awareness in the context of this virtue. The first is enlightened masters who see through everything and realize that this existence is but a game being played by God and they see only the game--there is one wave of existence--no offender or offended hence no need of anything called forgiveness. Second one is the category of souls who are not fully realized but have firm faith in the law of karma because they have a great insight through karmic law--they also see that there is nobody to be forgiven because everything good or bad happening to them is their own doing. The third category is that of those who don't have understanding of law of karma or don't have faith in it--for them, just because it's their ethical virtue and a moral duty assigned by religious order; they practice it and as they grow in forgiveness they become free from need of forgiving.

Taking responsibility for our actions makes forgiveness out of scope.

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