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Posted 06/03/14 - 9:33 AM:
Subject: corrections (in no particualr order)
Posted the following elsewhere...thought it worthy of may disagree...*shrug*

The prime problem in America is not ideological (though, that is part of it), the prime problem is a small group of folks who wanna rule (and profit) and a much larger number of folks who wanna let them rule.

That is: the prime problem in America is power hunger.

What should happen: voters governing the governors...the true check and balance is the voter telling the mercenary p**** 'no'.

What actually happens: mercenary pricks dangle carrots and serve up shit on a platter...domesticated voters chase the carrot and eat the shit, declaring said poo as delicious steak.

I offer some correctives for this deplorable state.

Before I begin: understand that nuthin' I suggest here will ever get a green light...the folks who have to execute my notions are the very ones who stand to lose by way of my notions and not a one them will give up what he or she has.


1- Enact Binding NONE OF THE ABOVE
Along with the names of the usual collection of schmucks and criminals and opportunists and used car sales folk, add NONE OF THE ABOVE to every ballot of every election from the federal level all the way down to the municipal...make that selection 'binding' and valid...if NOTA gets the majority then everyone else goes home...the losers can run again but not in this political cycle...the office goes into abeyance till another election (with new candidates) can be gut tells me if such a thing were in play in the last presidential election (and if the popular vote actually meant anything) Mr. Obama would not have won, Mr. Romney would not have won, NOTA would have gotten a landslide...also: I'm thinkin' the turnout of eligible voters woulda been closer to 90% than the standard 50%.

Let the Parties (large and small) get slammed back a few times by voters sayin' 'no, we don't want any of these jackasses' and those parties will have no choice but to foist up a better grade of candidate (or, work harder to market the same old shit).

2-Term Limit EVERYONE
Everyone from the federal on down (including the Supreme Court)...voters are supposed to be the gatekeepers...they're not, so make it that each elected person get two terms and then goes friggin' reason why Joe or Jane ought to be seated in Congress for 40 years...don't care how 'good' the guy or gal is.

As for the Supremes: I see no good reason for life-time appointments...I've seen the current crop interviewed extensively on C-SPAN and while none are dumb, not a one is such a font of wisdom and intelligence that any should be seated at the bench 'forever'...since the President appoints them, tie their service to his...give the Supremes eight years than send 'em home.

3-Restore the notion of 'Public Servant'
Strip away every perk, every privilege that any and all elected and appointed folks get...Turn the White House and Congressional chambers into museums, terminate all taxpayer funded office space...let the President rent an apartment...let the Senators and Representatives rent a meeting room at the local library or Howard Johnson's...make each elected and appointed person subject to all the laws they promote for, and foist on, the citizens...remind them all (by way of stripping away perk and privilege) every one of 'em is an 'employee', a 'servant'.

4-Terminate formal political parties
Not sayin' there can't be 'parties' sayin' all parties need to be broken and one should be allowed to hide behind their Ma's Red or Blue skirt...human beings ought to be runnin' for office, not fleshy conduits for dumbass philosophies.

5-Make for unlimited (and utterly transparent) campaign financing
If the billionaire wants to give billions to Joe for his campaign then let it happen...such transactions must, however, be public record (post the on-going list of donations on the wall of every courthouse for any and all to see)...and no hiding behind corporate 'personhood' either...Corporation X may be a legal person but a flesh and blood one still has to authorize the transaction, still has to cut the check...the name of each and every person involved in giving a candidate a contribution must be on the list for all to this way: if Joe is bought voters can at least know who the buyer is.

6-Rename America
The United States of America is old news...'The Constitutional Republic of America' is what it should be...democratic process is part of the mix here but America is not a democracy...what America 'is' ought to be in the name.

7-Prohibit elected and appointed folks from campaigning for others.
President A, Senator B, Representative C, Governor D, etc. each need to shut the fuck up, do his or her work, then go home...stop marketing for other folks...that's not what elected and appointed folks get paid to do.

8-Assert aggressively what elected and appointed folks are to do (and what each shouldn't do).
The Federal Constitution is a stark collection of job duties and lays out clearly what elected folks can and should do...make these folks do 'that' and nuthin' more.

I have more ideas but I've shot my load and bored myself stupid...big waste of time...just hang the lot and start over (my best suggestion of all).

Edited by henry quirk on 06/03/14 - 10:25 AM
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