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Nihil Loc
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Posted 03/23/14 - 1:32 PM:
Subject: Mowing Lawns
Why does one mow a lawn?

The answers are obvious but varied, probably. In trying to devise an answer we end up mowing our brains, which is to imagine a range of possible answers as blades of grass which all get cut simultaneously except for a few left overs. Those left overs are the obvious answers. Or is it that every cut blade is singularly the cause of the mowing?

Or we imagine mowing many lawns all over the world and asking both the intolerably rich and poor, for what reason do you want your patch of weeds mown?

We mow lawns for the visual appeasement. The smooth plane that forms puts the periphery into focus, and the eye draws easy from one border to another. Some people treat their lawns like they treat their hair because other people with fashion sense and style stare and gossip about what weedy and unmown lawns indicate about their owners.

There are some people who have to walk through their lawns to get somewhere and if it so happens that the lawn is wet from rain or morning dew, the feeling of wet weeds caressing your ankles, soaking the leather or cloth of your shoes is uncomfortably obnoxious. If a runner runs in an unmown field on a wet day, his or her shoes will absorb moisture at a much faster rate than in a wet mown field.

A mown lawn alludes to the glory of lawn sports, whether you happen to own a tennis or croquet lawn, or have erected a ninja warrior type obstacle course over and above the grassy plain.

Others fear the danger of an incessant undergrowth. If the grass grows to touch my knees and there are vipers and coral snakes slithering about, not to mention other stinging insects hiding in nooks and crannies, then mowing is just a health precaution. Silly deer tick vagabonds who climb to the end of brush and outstretch their arms to catch a ride are thwarted by short lawns.

Whatever happens in the world, to mow or not to mow, that is the question and why?

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Avatar thedoc
Posted 03/23/14 - 2:47 PM:

I believe it is safe to say that most people in the world who own some property have a lawn on that property and are subject to your ruminations about lawns. However I wonder what it says about a person, if that person lives on just over 2 acres of land, and has no lawn at all? I don't even own a lawn mower, and when I lived in a rental house with a lawn, I persuaded my son-in-law to mow the lawn for me. I do not mow, and I know why.
Nihil Loc
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Posted 03/24/14 - 2:34 PM:

I remember seeing a tiny lawn in Arizona, probably fed every day by a sprinkler system. Outside of the walls of that green square was burning desert of Saguaro and brush as far as the eye could see.

Mowing was not an issue because the rabbits kept it short.

So maybe you have rabbits, or the outgrowth of brush and weeds is far more interesting. Why mow when you don't have to and care nothing whatsoever for the costly nuisance of having to maintain a lawn.

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