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Posted 10/04/13 - 1:24 PM:
Subject: Senior Moments.
I'm sure this sort of thing doesn't happen to anyone else on this forum, but if anyone else has heard of something like this, please post it.

My daughter called to ask if I could watch the grandchildren for a few hours this evening, and said that she would drop them off about 5:00. I said that was OK and then she told me that the grandson had a doctors appointment at 3:30 and she didn't think it would take 1.5 hours, but if they were running late could I come in to the doctors so she could leave. Then she told me to make sure I had my phone in my pocket and the sound turned up, so I stuck my finger in the pocket, and it was empty. So I thought and said out loud "I guess I need to find my phone."
Awkward pause. - while I look in some of the usual places I set the phone down.
"Dad, you're talking on the phone"
Another awkward pause.
"I guess I don't need to look for my phone."
Nihil Loc
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Posted 10/04/13 - 3:05 PM:

Happens to a lot of people with sunglasses, hats and other headgear that can't immediately be seen or felt.
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Posted 10/05/13 - 12:58 AM:

I absolutely must comment on this one. I may or may not have had the most embarrassing "senior" moment ever. Mind you, it wasn't the initial moment that was the most embarrassing.

So, I'm in the middle of my internship at the local Shirley J Luck Center. I blank out on an individual's name and list every other name (male and female) of people in the room before getting it right. Then I throw my hands up in the air and loudly announce "UGH... senior moment!" I may have intentionally failed to mention that the Shirley J Luck facility is a Senior Citizens Center. As soon as the words left my mouth, I tried to find a more politically correct term. "Blonde moment!" Unfortunately, the staff who was at the same table as us was blonde. She raised her brow and tried not to laugh at me as I corrected myself yet again and said "Brain fart? I don't know, I give up!" Luckily the seniors were more amused than anything else but damn was I embarrassed!

I try to only call them brain farts now... (rarely works however.)

-Kin <3
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