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Posted 08/08/13 - 10:56 AM:
Subject: Minecraft's End Poem

If you haven't "beaten" minecraft and don't plan to, follow the link above and click "show" in the red section. That will show you the spoilers for the End Poem.

I knew games could include philosophical concepts. I knew they could expose them well. However, Minecraft is one of those games that aren't meant to be won, but rather meant to be lived. The creators of Minecraft apparently weren't satisfied with that alone. They wanted you to not only live and progress as you wanted, but to reach some form of understanding of how the universe works. They wanted the players to get joy out of minecraft, but also get joy out of the real world and, moreover, make them think.

The End Poem was their solution. Though some say it was unfitting for a seemingly pointless game to end so "deeply and thought-provoking", I happened to think it was perfect.

They ask us at the very end of the poem to "wake up". I wanted to hear your opinion as to what they want us to wake up from and what they may have wanted us to wake up and do.
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Posted 08/08/13 - 12:57 PM:

I apologize for not reading the whole thing, but from what i did read it sounds like Buddhism, and the waking up would be the Buddhist Enlightenment. "And Do", live fully engaged in this life.
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Posted 11/10/13 - 6:10 PM:

I think it's challenging us to evolve and make reality our plaything just as the game of minecraft has been.

...or it could just be pseudo-philosophical ramblings there to entertain. It is a game after all.
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