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Posted 01/14/13 - 8:12 AM:
Subject: My Gandanta Mula Gurus
Without exception, my gurus have been Gandanta Mula Gurus. I hope you would enjoy reading about them:

There are six Gandanta Mula nakshtras :




Out of these six Ashwini--Magha--Mula forms the most crucial triangle because of the Ketu lordship for all three of them.

My mother was born in Ashwini nakshtra. Mother is considered to be first Guru of a native. Though a genteel lady, she has her peculiarities which molded my nature since earliest childhood.

My father is a Jyestha born. He was my second Guru.

Shri Ram Acharya; the founder of AWGP was my third Guru and he was born under the influence of Magha nakshtra.

Osho was my next Guru and he was born under Mula nakshtra.

Jiddu Krishnamurty was my next Guru and he was also born under Mula nakshtra.

One gentleman who inspired me in Astrology is also Magha born, which is yet another Gandanta-Mula nakshtra

Some notable mentions:

Sant Tulsidas,

{{{If a native of Gand MoolaNakshtra survives , he is found to be more intelligent compared to otherchildren like Saint Tulasidas and Saint Kabir Das Kathia Baba, TailangaSwami, Sant Kabir, Guru Ramanand, Great Tantrik Bama Khyap. }}}

Kripaluji Maharaj's DOB is not clear but there is a good chance that he was born under Revati nakshtra--another Gandanta Mula nakshtra.

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Posted 01/24/13 - 2:18 AM:

what is a nakshtra?
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Posted 01/24/13 - 5:57 AM:

Nakstra is lunar mansion, a constellation. There are 27 such houses through which Moon passes.
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