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Women and children first?

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Posted 11/20/12 - 5:43 PM:
Subject: Women and children first?
As you may already be aware, as the Titanic was going down, the ship's crew were instructed to load up the lifeboats with women and children first. To my knowledge this is pretty typical disaster protocol: save the women and children first.

Also, it recently came up in conversation that someone was complaining about casualties of women and children in the recent attacks in Gaza. Someone replied that it was equally tragic that men were killed and asked, why is it that women and children should be considered more important than men?

I thought it was an interesting question. What is the reasoning behind this? Is it chivalry? Biology? Do you agree with it? Any thoughts?
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Posted 11/21/12 - 10:04 AM:

This probably goes back to a very basic instinct in most animals, the children are the future generations and the women produce that future generation. It only takes a few men to service many women and keep humanity going. If it were men saved first, fighting over the few women saved would soon wipe out humanity all together. This conscious ideology is an outgrowth of an inborn instinct.
henry quirk
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Posted 11/23/12 - 11:38 AM:

Doc nailed it.
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Posted 11/23/12 - 3:49 PM:

I have to agree. It's not rational at all. Nevertheless, any other action than protecting the women and children (at the cost of men) is instinctively, inarguably perceived as cowardly and dishonourable. It's just one of those things.
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Posted 11/23/12 - 4:56 PM:

It has been reported that while the Titanic was sinking the ships band assembled on the afterdeck and played music while the lifeboats were filled and lowered. and continued playing till the ship finally went under.
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