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Anyone seen Looper? (Spoilers)

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Posted 10/02/12 - 4:16 PM:
Subject: Anyone seen Looper? (Spoilers)
Any thoughts on it, and on time travel movies in general?

Looper had what I felt was a pretty major plothole. I've heard it said that it wasn't a plothole so much as one of those natural paradoxes that comes with time travel movies. Would love to hear your thoughts, any who has seen it.

Got any favorite time travel movies?

Off the top of my head, I would suggest:

Back to the Future
The Time Traveler's Wife
Somewhere in Time
Source Code

(These latter 4 are more in the category of romantic drama than sci-fi IMO)
henry quirk
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Posted 10/03/12 - 8:52 AM:

What was the plothole?

Not gonna see it so yer not spoiling it for me.

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Posted 10/03/12 - 11:03 AM:

Well, after posting this topic yesterday, I had a long chat with someone on this subject and they managed to convince me that it's not necessarily a plot hole. Not sure how well I can explain it to someone who hasn't seen the movie because there's a lot that happens in the film that would affect the context of the explanation.

The short of it is that a particular event happens in the film 2 different ways: Older Joe is sent back in time so that Younger Joe can execute him. The first time it happens, Younger Joe fails to execute him. The second time it happens, he succeeds. The reason for this variance is never given. However, after much discussion yesterday afternoon with a friend, it became plausible that Older Joe himself was the catalyst for the variance, but the reason it was confusing is that the events are shown out of "chronological" order.

The theme of multiple iterations in which an individual cycles through the same event over and over, each time with the opportunity to change some detail of the event thereby impacting the outcome in different ways, has been explored various times in film and television. A few examples that I can think of are Source Code, also Run Lola Run, and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called "Cause and Effect". It is never overtly stated in Looper that this is how those 2 events came to be, but I think it's plausible that it's implied.

Looper is a great film and I recommend it, together with the others I've mentioned in this topic.
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