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Posted 10/02/12 - 9:12 AM:
Subject: The Wonder of Wonders!
Who wants to go to hell?


Still people go to hell.

Who wants to suffer?


Still people suffer.

A drunkard asked a saint "Hey, what is out there in Heaven, Hell and Goloka?"

"A few people serving Krishna, a few people enjoying and a lot of people, respectively in Goloka, Heaven and Hell," saint replied.

"Oh, then Goloka and Heaven are exceedingly boring, I must go to Hell," the drunkard said.

The illusory potency of Krishna acts on all souls via three modes: Sat, Raj and Tam.

Sattvik people go to Swarga(Heaven,) after demise.

Rajsik people take birth on earth again.

Tamsik people go to Hell after death.

People who are deluded by Tamasik Maya, indulge in sensual gratification in a way which hurts others. Though like others(Saatvik and Tamasik people) they also want only and only happiness without even a single moment of suffering; they sow seeds of pain day after day. This is wonder of wonders!
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