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Posted 09/23/12 - 9:40 AM:
Subject: Baba Brinkman - Rap For Me Too
Ever since I first heard rap music in the early eighties I was drawn to its primal beat and straight forward style of delivery. The problem for me has always been that the rap I've heard doesn't relate to me. I'm a white middle class American guy who had never suffered the effects of racism or was allowed to languish in poverty.

I've always had a drive to try to understand life and myself and so my direction has taken me around the fringes of understanding issues others suffer. I was drawn to rap but just couldn't relate and that was a shame.

Anyway, I've recently come across Baba Brinkman, who is a white suburban Canadian rap artist who bridges my gap by rapping about subjects I can appreciate and an angle into that world I've been spared; I think many of you might find his entertainment intriguing as well.

The following link is Baba at a TED Talk on the subject of Evolutionary Psychology. Rap is a great vehicle for educating people who are otherwise captive to the resentment and anger rap artists, rightly or wrongly, convey.

Give it a try! You might be surprised.

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Posted 10/08/12 - 10:54 PM:

niceļ¼ thanks for sharing
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