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The Name of Krishna is Krishna Himself

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Posted 09/18/12 - 10:26 PM:
Subject: The Name of Krishna is Krishna Himself
Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya 17.131: "The Lord's holy name, His form and His personality are all one and the same. There is no difference between them. Since all of them are absolute, they are all transcendentally blissful.

CC Madhya 17.132: "There is no difference between Kr?s?n?a's body and Himself or between His name and Himself. But as far as the conditioned soul is concerned, one's name is different from one's body, from one's original form and so on.

Since Krishna's body is a divine body, he is not different from his body. Every organ of his body can function as any other organ of his body and he can do anything even without body;still he has a body.His body, soul, name, personality are same. Krishna's name is Krishna himself. For conditioned souls it's not applicable, because they're under the influence of illusory potency Maya. Your name is a pure sound vibration, but it's used to address your form, along with your personality and soul. You don't have a divine body. You have a body made up of material elements, therefore, your body as well as mind(in the similar way) is different from you. Your physical, subtle and causal bodies are different from you, therefore you're not identical to your name, but in case of God, his body, his name, his personality and form are one and the same. The sound vibration Krishna is nothing but God Krishna himself.
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