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Posted 09/09/12 - 2:50 AM:
Subject: Krishna's 16000 wives
Krishna had 16108 wives! We would talk about 16000 first--Krishna's 16000 wives is a much talked about topic and people often look down upon this in their ignorance of context; same stands true about Rasa-lila which we would discuss about in another thread. Those who are devoid of devotion are very quick to raise a question about this without at first reading the sources. Half knowledge is dangerous, especially in absence of devotion; Krishna is God beyond all forms and his body is divine and he can have as many wives as he wishes to have--but he gave a reasonable example by marrying those 16000 women who were suffering in the harem of Bhaumasura.

Bhaumasura was also known as Narakasura. He was son of Bhumi(earth-elemental) and that is why he was called 'Bhaumasura.' When he plundered through world he had abducted sixteen thousand young delectable women for himself and now they were part of his harem. Some of them were wives or daughters of kings who were killed by him in various wars, others daughters of sages and rest of them just beautiful women he saw and desired to possess.

When Krishna killed Bhaumasura to help Indra(King of Swargaloka)--as he entered into the Pragjyotishpura--the elegant, prosperous and affluent city of Narakasura; these sixteen thousand women, as soon as they saw him, fell in love with him and each one of them thought in her mind "I give my heart, my soul to him; let him become my husband!Let Bramha grant this one absolute wish of mine." Knowing what they wanted, knowing they had nowhere else to turn, Krishna had them clothed in finery, adorned with the finest ornaments in Narka's treasury, and sent them home to Dwarka in golden palanquins.

Krishna married them all on the same day. He gave each of them a palace, and he lived with every one of them, assuming different(but identical) bodies for each one of them. Every woman had her own Krishna with her all the times and they lived in a condition of permanent ecastasy. It would sound ridiculous for a normal human being, but there many accounts of similar assuming of forms by Krishna in Bhagvata Purana. The God which has become Narayana and Vishnu in so many universes can assume as many similar forms as he wants to. Read the story of Bramha's abducting cowherd boys for a more clear picture.

Part of the passages have been taken from Ramesh Menon's literary rendering of Bhagvata Purana Canto 10, Chapter--Slaying of Naraka.
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