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Posted 08/01/12 - 11:42 AM:
Subject: The Latest Gad-get.
Latest Gad-get.

It did everything. Seemingly unlimited memory - all her existing music and photos could probably be stored a thousand times over. It was so small and yet contained so much power. Last night they'd watched a movie - her and a few mates from work - the Gad-get had projected it onto the wall and pumped surround sound to her speaker system. Now she was surfing at furious speed, checking all her favourite sites, her blog and Facebook page. She watched a clip of a celebrity falling over while pissed and then played a game with other live players over the web which consisted of drawing things while others guessed what they were. Then a call arrived - she was alerted by a short snatch of pop noise which might not have been described as music by anyone far outside her demographic.

"Jen? You're my third caller on the Gad-get. Congratulations!"

"You finally got one!"

"Couldn't resist it. It's white and it's got these fake jewels all over it. I can't stop looking at it."

"I'm jealous. I've only got a Hand-Toy D90. Doesn't do much, looks quite good though."

"I just looked at your blog. Do you think Bev is going to split from her man then?"

"Did you see the stuff of him outside the nightclub?"

"Looked like he was with another woman. Don't think I've ever seen somebody that drunk. All this gossip must be doing his head in. He was letting off steam I suppose. I like the new design, very feminine - it was all moving around as I was reading your last entry. Looked like angels kissing or something."

"A friend of mine designed it for me free of charge. Have you met Vivian?"

"Don't think so."

"He's a web Designer. Actually you won't have met him. I haven't met him. We met online."

Fiona giggled. She wondered when the last time was she had met Jen in the flesh. It had probably been weeks or over a month. There was the dim recollection of her face lit by mood lighting in a club. Her former school friend might have been crying at the time.

"Are you all right Jen?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"I just seem to remember you were unhappy about something.."

"Me? When?"

"Doesn't matter."

"I called because you said you'd bought the new Gad-get on Twitter."

"Are you Twittering yet? It would be nice to know what you're up to.."

"Might start. My life seems a bit too boring..."

"No! Everybody seems really interesting on Twitter. Just keep it light and fun. Got to go. Got a date."

"You're kidding, who?"

"My personal trainer."

Her friend made a loud noise and Fiona moved the Gad-get away from her ear. "Well done Fee! Bet he's got a nice bod.."

"Of course. He's not 'my' trainer really. There's a group of us. They call it Tabata. It's exhausting but keeps me trim - I noticed he was paying me a lot of attention then one day after class he just came over and gave me his number."

"Well, good look darlin'."

The Gad-get had called up all the traces of Jen's web presence. She was currently rated as single, unhappy in her job and it seemed she was about to move apartment. Fiona tried to remember whether she had ever been to her friend's current apartment and failing even to recall its location in the city gave up. She realised it would be unlikely that she would leave such information online - even with the most relaxed friend settings. Fiona had learnt from her blog that Jen had recently received an intimate inspection by a gynaecologist and had just found out all was well.

Her Gad-get took her to the bar where he had messaged her he would be. An icon hung over a building on a street and the phone traced her path via some distant satellite - she assumed - as she closed in. When she arrived at the street itself she was able to view it through her Gad-get display and the bar was highlighted in red - it was already suggesting good places to eat nearby and even told her that somebody she knew was in a restaurant on that very street. She was told of an impressive selection of cocktails available in the bar. Now a weather report predicted there might be rain later and a fun new taxi service was brought to her attention - the cabs were brightly coloured and would play music from your phone if it had Bluetooth. Fiona stopped. 'Does it have Bluetooth?' she thought restlessly as she stood in the middle of the pedestrianised street. Late workers passed and groups of people working off the effects of work. She looked on the web and found, to her relief, it did. Holding the device to her side a moment she realised how disappointing everything seemed without the information interface and wondered when they would be able to put something in her brain so she would be able to feed on data constantly rather than being forced to go back to the worries that seemed to bubble up in her mind all the time.

Inside the bar she looked at her display and saw his form highlighted, he was sitting toward the back. The music playing in the background was nice. The Gad-get told her the artist and how it could be purchased online. She banked into a table and the device left her hand and started to pirouette through space.


It seemed to turn in slow motion. She remembered the start of a film she had only watched twenty minutes of where a bone twisted in the air and then transformed into a space station. Monkeys then space. It crashed against a pillar and made an awful sound - 'clack!'. Its body lay still on the carpet. She'd forgotten where her trainer was meant to be in the bar and wondered if he was watching her as she scrambled on her knees to reach the Gad-get which was lying beneath a table face down. She grabbed its surprisingly light body and turned it face-up praying there was no damage to the screen. It looked okay.

I've been dropped. Everything seems to be okay. Visit if you have any problems with me.


Fiona looked up from the display and saw him. It would have been nice to pause the image and do some checks online - she'd barely had a look at his profile. She'd been so busy checking out the features of her Gad-get it had slipped her mind. What would they have to talk about except physical exertion and gym membership deals?

"Hi. I thought I'd broken it. Almost had a heart attack."

"Your phone?" He glanced at the object in her sweaty hand. "Is it a Gad-get by any chance?"

"Yes." Fiona said in a kind of gasp.

"Snap." He pulled the same model out, his was black.

"Oh." It was the first time Fiona had seen anyone else holding one outside television. She almost felt shocked, certainly disorientated.

"I suppose you just got yours too? I was playing with it before you arrived. I knew you stopped in the street just now, it detects any other devices being used in the area. When you dropped it a little message came up on mine telling me another Gad-get was in trouble nearby."

"Wow. That's amazing." Fiona was starting to suffer from information overload. "Er, what are you drinking?" She needed something to settle her mind. Her device was slipped into her handbag for the time being.

"A Cocktail. It's cocktail hour. It should have told you if you were looking at your..."

"Yes, I remember now. I was going to have a Cosmopolitan."

"I'll get it. I'm sitting over there." He gestured toward the alcove that the Gad-get had pointed toward earlier. She'd never seen him out of his shorts and t-shirt. His muscle's bulged beneath a tight v-neck, he wore designer jeans and as he approached the bar she wanted to take a photo of his hard buttocks with the Gad-get to send to her friends but knew it would be going too far. She hadn't even used the camera yet, its mega-pixel count was huge.

He returned with the drink and sat opposite her, examining her face with interest. They barely knew a thing about each other, all they'd really talked about were the routines at Tabata class. Fiona was wondering who was going to do something about the silence first when her Gad-get started shaking from within her handbag.

"Sorry." Fiona said, reaching into the dark spaces of her Louis Viutton.

You are with another Gadget user and it's a man! His name is Geoff. Want to play some games with him?

Her phone was aware of all her basic details including her single status. She wasn't sure how he was going to take the Gad-get's mediating between them but thought it might help break the ice. She was glad it had remembered his name because she had forgotten it.

"Is yours saying the same thing as mine?" Geoff asked.

"About playing some games?"

"Yes. Do you want to see what they come up with?"

"May as well. You don't mind?"

"No. I haven't played any games on it yet. I'd like to see what it can do."

Place your Gad-get next to his.

Fiona did as asked. They began sipping from their drinks watching the devices sitting silently next to each other in the dark booth. They waited for a few minutes occasionally glancing each other's way but still unable to think of anything to say. One of the bar staff appeared at their table.

"Excuse me guys, we've just found out you two are getting married. We'd like to offer you these cocktails on the house." A slow tune started playing and the monitors around the bar announced 'Geoff and Fiona are getting married!'. People started clapping. The couple gazed at one another in bewilderment.

"The Gad-gets must have contacted the bar's computer and left a message." Geoff muttered in a half-whisper.

Fiona giggled. "Unbelievable. That's their idea of breaking the ice?"

"That's what they said though. You know, the new Gad-get's are full of surprises..."

Fiona snatched hers up and looked at the screen. The was a smiley face and a message saying 'how did he take it?' He looked quite amused, only very slightly self conscious.

Ask him about his dog, Bark.

"That's a funny name, Bark..."

Geoff's look of surprise soon left his face as he realised she was looking at her Gad-get's display. "Well, couldn't think of anything else. He's, er, nice. A Labrador. Have you got a dog?"


Geoff showed Fiona a picture of his dog.

Would you like to have a copy of this picture?

Fiona chose 'no'. She didn't like dogs, she'd been bitten by her uncle's as a child. She realised this could have been some kind of conversation starter but had decided against saying anything as her dislike of dogs might have made her look cold. She knew first impressions were important.

"There was a fat woman in my class today. She fainted." Geoff revealed.

Fiona half-smiled then suppressed it quickly. She tried to look concerned. "Oh no. Was she okay?"

"I used my Gad-get. You place it here," Geoff placed the device on the side of his neck, "it takes the pulse and some other things. She came to quickly. It said she was all right. She just had to sit down and rest for a bit."



The slow music had stopped and the tune that was currently playing as a ring tone on Fiona's phone started. She wondered if the bar's computer system knew what her ring tone was but decided it was reading too much into it.

"It's a bit quiet in here. Do you want to go somewhere else?" Geoff asked, trying to look chivalrous.

Fiona felt tired and started to wish their relationship had remained a potential playing behind the furtive eye contact within the sweaty routines. "Sure, do you know anywhere nice near here?"

Geoff had an excited look, he gestured toward his Gad-get. "It will know."

"Er, yeah."

"It recommends Spectrum, it's about five minutes away. They play music off your Gad-get." Geoff looked impressed.

"Great. I think there are taxi's that do that too."

"Taxi's. Really?"

"Yeah. It told me earlier." Fiona's Gad-get had remained in her handbag for the past five minutes, she'd suddenly began to feel antipathy towards it.

"Hey. Tell me which taxi company it is. We could get one to Spectrum."

"But you said it was only five minutes away.."

"Come on. It'll be fun."

"Flash Cabs." Fiona said bluntly from memory not wanting to look at the device.

Geoff toyed with his. "Says they'll be one outside in a few minutes. Shall we?" Geoff had already stood up.

"Okay." Fiona noticed a few envious glances from single-looking women in the bar who still believed they were about to get married. Geoff's powerful form moved ahead toward the bright exit; it was a summer's evening and still light outside.

"You've got Gad-get's haven't you?" the driver said as they pulled away.

"Yeah." Geoff had already directed the taxi to play his favourite tune of the moment.

"Oh, it's playing one of your songs. Wonderful thing isn't it, technology.." said the driver.

The couple remained silent.

They stepped out of the lime green taxi and noticed the bar was very busy for a week day night. There was a sign over the entrance.

'GAD-GET NIGHT. Half price drinks to everybody with the new Gad-get! Join the revolution!"

"Did you know about this?" Fiona asked.

"Actually it did mention it. I thought it would be a surprise. If you'd been looking at yours it would have told you about it; ours are both in communication remember?" Geoff actually seemed to be enjoying himself.

'They're communicating, we're not..' Fiona thought to herself.

Inside there were cardboard props everywhere, man-sized Gad-gets. A drunk young man was dancing with one of them and his friend appeared to be simulating sex with another on a seat nearby.

As the music that had been playing drew to a close people in the bar suddenly pulled out their devices. A voice over the speakers encouraged whatever they were doing.

"That's right. It's first come first served. The one who gets theirs played gets the next round free - press those 'send' buttons guys!"

"This place is nuts!" said Geoff. He coaxed her toward a corner removed from the worst of the noise and activity. "I've been really impressed with you. You're probably one of the most committed girls in any of the groups I take."

"That's nice to know." Fiona looked more closely at the moving shadows that were projected onto the walls of the bar. She realised that they were silhouettes of Gad-gets, in many colours; they began to move against the naked contours of her work-tired mind.

"I like people who are committed, focused. You're somebody who knows what you want yeah?"

"What do you want Geoff?" Fiona skilfully turned the charm offensive within its cul-de-sac.

"Well, er." somebody saved him with a tap on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, you're Geoff aren't you?" the pretty girl asked.

"Yes. Sorry, do I know you?"

"Not really. I follow your blog"

"Excellent. Good on you."

"Those work-out routines are great. It's so good of you to offer them to everybody for free." Her eyes appraised the muscles beneath his tight v-neck.

"Well, you're not the first one to say that but I'm glad you like my work.."

Fiona realised the girl had hit the bullseye of Geoff's ego and he wasn't going to turn back her way for some time. She watched the expanse of his back as he talked, taking imaginary journey's with her lips and finger tips. Her head rested on the lower spine and she stared toward the mountainous region, the beautiful lattice work, a sinewy expanse.

"Geoff, I'm just popping to the loo."

Geoff turned briefly like an animal who was reluctant to remove its snout from the entrails of a fresh kill. "No problem Fiona."

She didn't really want to go, except perhaps to check herself out in the mirror. This could, of course, have been done on the Gad-get. She had hoped to get more of a response out of Geoff. Although she had almost given up on him there was still a longing for something to work out; it had been six months since she'd slept with anybody and even longer since she'd had a regular boyfriend. She just wanted to be held again and he had such big, strong arms. She saw Jen sitting with a friend next to a cardboard Gad-get.

"Fee! I thought you might be here... I bet you're with that bloke yeah?"

Fiona was pleased to see her friend. Some women might have been honest about their disappointment but she decided to play her cards close to her chest.

"Yes. I was just going to freshen up." Luckily he was concealed around a corner so her friend wouldn't get a visual confirmation of her disastrous date.

"This is Lisa." She introduced her friend. "I was just talking about you, how much fun we used to have at school, we used to know everything about each other."

"We still do. I found out about your little trip to the doctors the other week earlier. You know, the 'special' doctor.."

"Oh God...well, you've got to be careful.." Jen had a slight glint of fear in her eye. "No, what I mean is really talk. We don't any more do we?"

"You're very thoughtful tonight Jen."

"It's - what's the word - ironic. All these ways to talk and I've got less real friends than I ever had."

Fiona nodded her head, something had changed about Jen and she wondered what she'd missed, there now very separate lives. What she said made real sense but she wasn't sure what could be done about it. It was a gut feeling and she had no way to put her instinctual sorrow into words. Somebody tapped her on the shoulder.

"Fiona, I'm sorry. I just realised how rude I was being.." it was Geoff.

Jen and her friend had rapt expressions on their faces. Fiona's sense of gratification began to ebb quickly as the reality of the night so far began to dawn on her.

"No, it's all right, she was a fan wasn't she.."

"But you're my date, she was trying to edge in on me, I think."

For the first time that night she saw a trace of real warmth in his expression. The Gad-get's were now out of the picture. She decided at that moment if he started playing with his again she would make it an early night.

"Fee, show Lisa your Gadg..."

Fiona put her hand up theatrically. "Don't Jen. Don't say it!"

The warm expression had remained on Geoff's face and as she turned toward him an additional impact seemed to have been made on his well organised features. He'd got the message.

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Posted 08/03/12 - 11:24 PM:

My family had to drag me kicking and screaming into the 20th century when they insisted that I get and carry a cell phone. you can forget the 21st I simply refuse to upgrade my fancy pocket watch. I think I understand Fiona's and Geoff's feelings about the gadget.

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Posted 08/20/12 - 12:23 PM:

another gem clap

satirical tone but not too far from where we actually are in society with our technology. i love how it ends on a note of real warmth.
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Posted 08/22/12 - 8:01 PM:

I have been watching some 'wind up' pocket watches on EBay and I will try to buy one or two to carry in place of my 'Fancy Watch' (Cell Phone) that my family insist that I have. I still like the idea of a watch that goes tick-tock to tell the time.
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