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Posted 07/31/12 - 10:15 AM:
Subject: Going to nowhere...
I want to change the country of living... I'm real serious about it... I know that transition to another country won't make me more successful, but i have this idea... So my current work is just like a halfway stop...

So my quistion is - did somebody on this forum change the country of living and what was the result at the end?

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Posted 08/01/12 - 9:44 AM:

hi makcer, welcome to the couch smiling face

i've lived in germany and belgium but not as an adult, so i'm not too familiar with the responsibilities involved with moving to a foreign country. it's definitely a big transition, especially if you have to learn a foreign language to do it. i would love to live abroad someday myself, possibly mexico, spain or france. good luck with your decision!
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Posted 08/01/12 - 1:08 PM:

I have not changed countries myself but for several years I worked with a man who was born and grew up in Africa, lived in England a few years, then moved to America, his family background was from India. Some of my experience with him might help you. He is a Muslem and I am a Christian so along with the conversations about the differences and similarities there, there were many questions about everyday life as I knew it. Some of the most interesting exchanges would come near the different religious holidays. For example, one time he came up to me and asked how the 'Easter Bunny' fit into the Christian celebration of Easter. It took a little explaining to tell him that it was not part of the Christian observation, even though Christians incorporated the 'Easter Bunny' into the secular and family celebrations. I guess the best advice would be that once you arrive, find a sympathetic person that you can trust and don't be afraid to ask questions, their honest answers will help your transition into a new culture.
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