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Posted 07/15/12 - 12:34 PM:
Subject: Aliens in Bhagvata Purana
In the second Manvantara(Swaroshish Manu--the first one was that of Swayambhu Manu) of Purana, about which story is given in the fourth canto chapter first in Bhagvata Purana, Yajna is born as the supreme purush Vishnu's incarnation. Yajna is son of Ahuti{sister of devahuti and Prasuti*} and great sage Ruchi. It's told in this very chapter of Bhagvata Purana that Yajna was Indra in another Manvantara. It might be to suggest that Yajna was Indra but because of his evolution he became a higher frequency of vibration and manifested as Yajna--the supreme incarnation of Narayana--which in turn means that Narayana can take birth in any form if it's qualified. Yajna, who was Indra{(king of gods in universe called swarga where beings vibrate at a very high frequency when compared to those on earth and live happily for many thousands of years))--Bhagvata Purana is full of multiverses.}, in former incarnation, was born as Yajna because he evolved spiritually.

If Yajna was Indra, it means that Yajna evolved in some incarnations in that particular Manvantara(age) and was born as Yajna finally, the supreme incarnation of personality of God-head.

The news is that aliens are back.

This time they were seen in the story of Bhagvata Purana.

Maitreya said: 'Being inspired by Lord Brahmâ to procreate Atri, the chief of the learned in spiritual knowledge, together with his wife went to the great mountain named Riksha to stay there for austerities. In that place in the garden of the forest there were many as'oka and palâs'a trees and flowers, and everywhere the sound of the flowing waters of the river the Nirvindhyâ. Controlling the mind by regulating his breath the sage remained there for a hundred years subsisting on air while standing on the one leg of non-duality. He thought: 'Taking shelter I surrender myself to Him, may He who is the master of the universe give me a son like Himself.' By the fire that, issuing from the top of the head of the sage, was fueled by his breath control, he, practicing his austerities, was noticed by the three principal gods of the three worlds. As his fame was spreading, the Apsaras, the munis, the Gandharvas, the Siddhas, the Vidyâdharas and Nâgas came to his hermitage. When he saw these demigods and great personalities simultaneously appear, the mind of the sage who had awakened on his one leg lighted up. Recognizing the symbols of their personal paraphernalia [drum, kus'a grass and discus] and the bull, the swan and Garuda on which they were seated, he with folded hands fell down prostrating before them to offer his obeisances. Dazzled by the glaring effulgence of their smiling faces and the apparent satisfaction of their merciful glances, the sage closed his eyes. Absorbed by that vision he ecstatically expressed his prayers before the ones who are most appreciated in all the worlds. Atri said: 'Let me bow before You oh Lord Brahmâ, Lord S'iva and Lord Vishnu, You who, as usual in the different millennia, have accepted Your bodies according to the division of the modes of nature for the sake of the creation, destruction and maintenance of the universe. Whom of You have I actually called for? Being so merciful, please explain to me full of serious doubt as I am, how it can be that, even though I am far beyond the minds of the ones embodied, all of You have appeared here while I fixed my mind on the One Great Lord of all Fortune for the sake of begetting a child?'

Maitreya said: 'Oh mighty one, after thus having heard the great sage his words, all the three chief demigods smiled at him and replied in gentle voices. The gods said: 'As you have decided, so it shall be done and not otherwise; to you who never lost your resolve oh dear brahmin, we are all the one and same you so truly were meditating upon. Therefore our plenary expansions - your sons to be born - will be very famous in the world dear sage, and to your great fortune they will also spread your good name.'

With the husband and wife looking on the chief demigods, [b]who thus having offered the desired [*portions]benediction were perfectly worshiped, returned to their places{their universes(Lokas)}. 1.Soma appeared as a partial expansion of Lord Brahmâ, 2.Dattâtreya as a very powerful yogi of Lord Vishnu, and 3.Durvâsâ as a partial expansion of S'ankara [S'iva].

1. Soma: Portion of elemental force Bramha--made from passionate energy--.Rajoguna.
2. Dattatreya: Portion of elemental force Vishnu--made from pure energy--Satoguna.
3. Durvasa: The ever angry sage who was incarnated as an amsavtara elemental Rudra who is pure Tamoguna--destructive energy.

*portions: The passage above hints towards test tube babies(a system similar to test tube babies--the portions given by aliens from type 3-4 civilizations suggest towards the same) and parallel universes and type 4 and type 3 civilizations making contact with type 0 civilization beings(not peoples).

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