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Posted 07/13/12 - 8:26 AM:
Subject: Do You have a Funny Story?
We were getting ready to go to a party at my in-laws and my wife was looking for something to wear, I handed her a pair of my jeans and she put them on. Since they fit OK she left them on.

When we got to the party she walked into the kitchen where everyone had gathered and said "Mom, guess what I did today. I got into Warren's pants."

Then amidst gasps of shock and "You shouldn't say things like that." she stepped back grabbed her belt loops and said "And look I'm still in them."
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Posted 07/15/12 - 3:42 PM:

Well, all I can say is, " Your in-laws are witty." nodlaughing

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Posted 07/16/12 - 4:05 PM:

When my ex was a teenager, he was learning to play the guitar. His little nephew saw the guitar case laying open, and on feeling the cushion inside the case, wanted to get in it. My ex told him no, that it's not for people, that it's for the guitar to go in. His nephew replied, "Why do they make it so comfortable?"
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