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Posted 04/07/06 - 6:37 AM:
Subject: People Who Can Never Be Wrong
People who can never be wrong

People who can never be wrong.
What’s that about then, when it’s at home?
Life’s long, and to never, ever, be wrong!

To me this thing is Godlike, superhuman, divine,
Beyond all measure of man. To imagine that every
Utterance of mine, on any subject, must be right. It
Boggles the mind that such pure beings should exist
Amongst us weaker mortals: poor mistaken fools.

I can’t conceive what it would be, for every word of mine
To be cut in the stone of truth; the very heart of certainty
In every single syllable I speak. Good grief, the responsibility
For setting all the many errors of this world to rights, with every breath
That I expend, would hang so heavy on my mind. The true Platonic
Form of truth passing incessantly from my mouth to those who lack
My good would weigh so heavy on humility; it would break my back.

It’s flabbergasting, nothing less.

But wait. If being such a person is so very fine and nice
Then why do we so rarely ask these tellers of the truth for their advice?
If they have every answer on their tongues, why when they
Start up do I creep from the room?
And if every single utterance of theirs is always right;
Why do they seem to talk a load of shite?

For all that glisters is not gold
And all the truth is never told;
I will not hear the perfect song,
I think; but then I might be wrong!

Alex Williams (Copyright) April 06

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