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Posted 06/27/12 - 2:20 PM:
Subject: Kuja Dosha: Mangalika
Sanskrit word for Mars is Kuja. Angaraka is another name for it. Dosha means defect--Kuja Dosha means defect because of Mars. Along with Saadhe-saati, Rahu-kalam and Kala-Sarpa Yoga, it's, in my opinion, the most talked about combination in horoscopes in Indian context. Most people are afraid of it and think that it must be something very horrible because it's an obstacle in way of their harmonious married lives and some worships must be performed to appease deities for getting rid of evil effects.

Fear always arises out of ignorance and superstition. There are just twelve houses in a horoscope to delineate all the matters related to life-narratives of natives, therefore it's pretty obvious that a planet would be found in all twelve houses -if you look through enough number of charts. The Kuja-Dosha is not very rare, because Mars situated in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12th houses causes this combination--you would find it in at least 50 percent charts.

The Psychology of Kuja-Dosha is very simple to understand. Mars is a signifier of aggression, leader-ship, competence, physical strength, vitality and yogic practices in horoscopes. When it over-energizes the marriage house or houses which are adverse to the harmony in marriage--it causes difficulties for one's marriage partner. Mars in a horoscope, devoid of any soft aspects and in retrogression or debilitation might hint that the native has Karmick burden related to Grahastha-Ashrama to cope with. It's not easy to really change the Karmick script without being aware of one's behavior--without being meditative.

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