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Posted 04/23/12 - 1:29 AM:
Subject: 2012 Doomsday Salmagundi
2012 Phenomenon, as we know it, is a potpourri of most amusing type, bound by something inherent to humans: Fear of extinction. The same fear drives us to look for escapes from death.

There are many factors which have contributed to the creation of this great 2012 Phenomenon. Any of the following factors and possibilities or many of them together might have contributed to this crisis. It's not an exhaustive list.

1. Some people want to take advantage of unique situation, which was not so unique but made to appear so by their painstaking and meticulous efforts. 2012 Phenomenon has made some people rich, especially doomsday prophets, Astrologers, Conspiracy Theorists and psychics . More the fear such people can induce in the psyches of incredulous people, more the sales of stuffs like books, gems and amulets. This has been proven true by doomsday predictions in past. Pralaya, apocalypse, extinction is predicted to happen in next 4, 5 or 10 years and until then you can prepare by buying a lot of books, gems, articles, memberships and charms in order to try to save yourself and make these self-proclaimed messiahs and prophets rich.

The subconscious part of human mind has played a role in supporting this market. Had it not been for fear of unknown, humans would not have started worshipping deities. Much of what has been part of culture in form of superstitions has translated into the Doomsday market, no matter how scholarly and scientific minded subscribers seem to be.

2. There indeed is an imminent danger to our survival and we are all going to die and there is no escape for anyone as inevitable doom waits in dark. In that case, most perceptive individuals are just warning us to wake up from our sleeps and do best possible in the time which is left. It's similar to the situation in which you have 6 months left before you die and you try to make most of those six months and live to the fullest.

3. There is going to be an apocalypse but it will not annihilate humanity. Only a few would be left. In that case, just try to figure out what makes you 'qualified' for survival. Another rat race, but of most peculiar nature.

4. Dramatically, some new-age self-proclaimed gurus never get exhausted with use of frequency of vibration and ascension. This seems to be an interpretation with most intriguing catch-22. According to them, there will be an ascension of planet earth on Dec 21, 2012, exactly at 11:11 A.M. ( EST, IST, PST, I really don't know what!), in which earth will move to another plane of higher vibration frequency which will be divine. Those who are not prepared will feel no change because there will also be this earth, this old solid earth which is a nightmare. This earth will become more and more nightmarish after the ascension because all left here will be persons who are vibrating with a very low frequency. Those who would attain ascension will live in harmony forever in a 5-dimensional world. Looks like a Sci-fi script? Yes, it does.

How to increase your frequency of vibration? Well, surrender to new-age gurus. Increase their bank balances and follow what they say. The catch-22 is--if you meet these so called experts and gurus after the event, they will tell you that their higher selves have already ascended and so have yours and what is left is lower selves on this low frequency earth. There is absolutely no way to verify except that there might be more and more catastrophes.

5. There are some conspiracy theorists who suggest that Illuminati wants to overtake the world and create 'New World Order' in the name of 2012 Phenomenon. They will somehow create catastrophes and then try to solve problems by inviting all governments under one umbrella. That umbrella will be one world government and there will be just two classes: Illuminati, the rulers and all others, slaves--the ruled ones.

There might be many other factors and I would like to hear what you have to say.

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