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Posted 04/15/12 - 11:43 PM:
Subject: The Boondock Saints
The word 'Boondock' in The Boondock Saints stands for 'a rural area,' or for country side and the word is derived from the Tagalog bundok mountain. First known use of the word was in 1930. I had to look this word up in the dictionary after watching the movie. The script writer and director of this movie, Troy Duffy, changed the name of his band (The Brood), to The Boondock Saints, after the purchase of this script.

Troy Duffy has written a very good movie and directed it equally well. It doesn't lose hold on you and sometimes it's so sublime that you feel it's just magical. The soundtrack is outstanding throughout the movie. It's slightly lurid for a movie made before the twenty first century but it keeps things balanced by its comical content.

Performances by fraternal twin protagonists are exceptional and convincing. Willem Dafoe also does the justice with his role by using his perfectly timed hilariously comical moves and the bit where he dresses up like a girl to save protagonists, using the wig reminds you of Norman Bates of Hitchcock.

The movie touches the issues like morality and Law and it's a religious movie in my opinion. The saints are portrayed as righteous killers of criminals in the crusade. What is the difference between morality and Law is moot point for debate but the movie keeps you hooked up all the time because of the way story has been narrated.
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