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Posted 04/11/12 - 9:44 AM:
Subject: After Noon Tremors
Sun was shining brightly and there were no beautiful colorful rainbows in the sky. We were enjoying our after-noon siesta after lunch. As usual, I was tuned to 104 Fever FM and then I noticed that all of a sudden people around me were laughing. Yes, all of them were laughing and most of them were going outside. Since, I had headphones in my ears and peaceful music was on air, I was not able to fathom reason for their hysterical laughing and in order to confirm that it was not just people in my left side who were laughing, but also people behind my back, people in front of me and people all around me. The curiosity to find out reasons for this seemingly quirky and mysterious laughing session was a force in itself. It was as if someone had cracked a joke on air and everyone was tuned-in.

I finally decided to switch radio-off. I got up from my chair and spoke to one of my friends and he told that there was an earthquake! It was unbelievable but seemed true. I joined the outflow of people and went downstairs as fast as possible.

There were so many people gathered in bunches of 2, 3, 5 and 10 on streets. In the scorching sun, usually no one dares to come out, but there you were, with so many people, people smoking, chatting and walking impatiently.

Then a few calls here and there and news started pouring in. It was a big earthquake in Indonesia and these tremors in India were just very light reflections of the giant-shaking-up. I recalled in the aftermath that during my nap-with-music I felt as if someone was shaking my chair, but it happens all the time and as I looked around, there was no one and I thought it was an illusion. Many people reported that they doubted these feelings of shaking-up and blamed their health, their not having taken proper breakfast and even felt as if they were possessed by some demon. I am not just making this up, a friend did tell that one of her friend called her home saying that she might have just been possessed by a wicked spirit!
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