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Posted 03/31/12 - 12:56 PM:
Subject: Prison Break: Addendum
The expectations which are set by the first season are seldom met by the seasons afterwards.The very high standard of first season is unmatched by any other season in my opinion. I came to know that the second season was rated very highly during the original release, but I personally found the first season to be much more thrilling and mysterious than all other seasons.Wentworth Miller does justice with the role he plays in all seasons. He looks like a Budhhist because of his sensitivity and calm nature. Robert Knepper and Paul Adelstein stand out of all as far as performances are concerned.

Dominic Purcel continues to play a weakling until very end in the season 3. I did not like his acting. The character of Lincoln in the script is also a peculiar and dramatically weak character. Episodes in which Paul T. Scheuring has played a key role, either as a script-writer or as a director, stand out.

They have failed to maintain quality of direction after the second season. The third season has done much damage to the expectations set by the first. They might have stopped doing any other seasons after the second and Prison Break would always have been remembered with much reverence. The goofs just get piled up as seasons progress. The character of Lincoln/Michael's father looked like a promising character in the making but it ends in wretched manner. The character of Alex Mahone does much damage to the standard of secret service agents which was set by Paul and co. and Mahone has been dragged further in seasons without being a substantial character.
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