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Posted 03/24/12 - 11:44 AM:
Subject: Prison Break: Season 1
Prison Break is one of the best TV shows you will ever watch. I think it is a combination of Shawshank Redemption and The Departed and many conspiracy theories. There are conspiracies inside conspiracies in this story at so many levels that you never cease to wonder. It has action, thrill, suspense, mystery and drama (And even horror! There is one stunning scene in Episode 12, Season 1.) It has so many unpredictable twists which are intelligent as well. It’s not just mystery but sheer unpredictable nature of these episodes which makes things look real, intriguing, enigmatic and fascinating. I don’t have words to appreciate the carefulness with which scripts have interconnected all the characters in these episodes. The story was done by Paul T. Scheuring.

Protagonist, who is calm, calculating and brilliant, is most convincing character in the series. He puts his own life in danger in order to save the life of others, be it his brother, doctor or guard. He suffers from Low Latent Inhibition, a condition in which brain processes every sense object in a more detailed manner than usual and that condition has made him a meticulous genius. It's masterly created with great attention to the details. But this one is hilarious: See what has happened to Psychology: Low Latent Inhibition seems to have made protagonist a very sensitive subject. He is very sensitive towards the sufferings of others, which means, in a way he is like Buddha the Gautama. Was Buddha the Gautama suffering from Low Latent Inhibition? Psychology comes up with many fanciful terms time to time. There is an origami paper bird which symbolizes something for the protagonist, perhaps his elder brother's love and care in almost every episode. The map of the Fox-River penitentiary on the body of the protagonist seems a bit far-fetched.

Prison Break is mesmerizing, spell-binding, enchanting series like a great movie which you wish should never end because of its grip on you! I like the name 'Veronica', the sound of it is so euphonious but the girl who is attorney of Lincoln is, a dimwit character who is busy creating more problems than she solves. She is most boring link in the story because she doesn’t think at all. This 'setting-up' business is so highly pronounced in this series that you find it going on and on in and out of prison in virtually every other episode. There are so many mysteries equally intriguing in this story: Take for example 'Fibonachi', or Vice-President's involvement or D. B. Cooper. It is not much of a courtroom drama but whatever it's it's just great. The attorney of Lincoln, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend as well, seems to me most dumb character against conspirators and so does Lincoln himself who frustrates indomitable spirit of protagonist because of his foolish, impulsive acts more than once. Directors and writers of episodes of this TV series are not same across the episodes. Could that be one of the sources for such creative episodes?

I am in awe of Prison Break because it shows you the ways in which TV could be smarter than the cinema. This show does more than any movie can ever do for a suspense-thriller-mystery-buff because of the time frame available for the experimentation, but on the other hand had it not been for brilliant script and meticulous direction it could have become very boring over the time. Some goofs include people getting healed miraculously in a very short span of time after sustaining some seriously fatal injuries.
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