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Posted 03/12/12 - 1:54 PM:
Subject: A Separation
A Separation is a great drama film. This movie has an intriguing story. The movie is enough fast paced to keep you mesmerized all the time. The aspects of human relationships raised are not new but the way they have been addressed is just masterly. The issues addressed in the story mostly include, divorce and its impact on children, poverty and unemployment and how they affect families, perjury and perhaps most important of all, children and their relationships with parents (This has been portrayed beautifully in a single family with three generations in it.)

Recently some of the most comely movies of Asia have been created by Ashgar Farhadi. The flawless, tight packed direction and profound story filled with moral values; both are the creative outputs of Ashgar Farhadi. Each and every performance in this movie looks so natural that you are left in awe. Movie reminds me of some of the great movies like Spoorloos and About Elly. This movie deserves the academy award it has won. I would straight away give ten out of ten stars to it.

An excerpt from IMDB where Ashgar expresses about preparing the actress for the character of his devout maid in this movie:

IMDB wrote:
It was in the theater that I learned how it is that you can work with actors. To give an example, I have a character in the film [A Separation (2011)] who's supposed to be a religious woman. Once the script is finished, I didn't find her and say 'You're going to be a religious character. This is what you should do'. In the few months remaining before shooting she would actually turn into a religious person. I asked her to pray promptly every day, meaning five times. I asked her to wear a chador which is the traditional long veil. I asked her not to use her personal car... to restrict her rapport with any men who were not known to her. And after a while of rehearsing this way she actually started to behave like a religious person. Don't worry; as soon as the film is over, she turned back into her former self.

He is first Iranian filmmaker to ever win an Oscar.

The best performance in this movie comes from the actor who played the maid's husband (Hodjat) in my opinion. Even the old man suffering from Parkinson's has been done so perfectly. It would be great to watch some more movies made by this director methinks.
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