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Posted 02/27/12 - 1:07 PM:
Subject: The Artist
The verdict is out and The Artist has won Oscar for the best film this year. I watched this movie yesterday with a friend. I would not say that I went to watch this movie; in fact we had no movie in mind when we went to cinema hall after having killed a lot of time. We were looking at the list of movies and availability of the tickets. We had not done our homework and I was not happy about it.

"You have not done proper research pal." I said.

Then he came up with idea to see ratings of movies on his cell phone using internet and we started peeping into ratings for various movies which were visible in Google searches in tiny fonts. And clearly, The Artist had this rating of 8.4, so there was no point in going for any other movie. I did not have even a vague idea about the movie because somehow it had escaped attention.

As we sat in cinema hall after having waited for a while and such 'waiting' is often an excuse to eat junk food. We were in the hall and it was a bit cold out there. After having tolerated a series of trailers and advertisements, we realized that The Artist started with a scene from a movie. Little did I realize that this scene from a silent movie was not from some other era but very much a part of the movie. Then we were perpetually in hope that human dialogue, chattering and crying and so and so on would come. But it didn't. Did we not read "The Artist (Music)", before the movie started? Yes we did. So what? We do like Musicals.

It was not just a musical. It had just music and pantomime. But music was soothing and actors were accomplished. My friend did have a hard time as he is not too fond of Hollywood movies and then a movie without dialogue and that too in Black and White.

I don't know the names of actors in the movie; nevertheless it goes without saying that they all did a great job. The idea in itself is unique and audacious. Kudos to the director! While moving out of cinema hall, I said to my friend “Such a brilliant movie!" I also said that Bollywood wouldn't have made such movie and Indian audience would not have received it well. But these are my views only.

Both of us were fond of the performance by the cute dog and thought that he was the best performer in the movie.

This is a unique movie with brilliant music and almost no noise and it makes visuals stunning at times because your entire focus is on them.

This is a story of pride of an artist. This is also a story of another artist whose beginning was humble but love was true and she rose to the great heights because of her flexibility to take up the change with confidence. This is also a tale showing overwhelming love of a pet dog for his proud master.

This movie reminded me of Charles Chaplin. I had read that Charles Chaplin was very resistant to the talkies which came when he was doing silent movies. His movie 'Modern-Times' also has undertones of his abhorrence for talkies. The Artist shows the very thing in a whole new light.

I loved watching this movie!
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