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Posted 02/19/12 - 1:06 PM:
Subject: Karkamsa Lagna: Combinations For An Author-A
Sage Parashara says:
41-45. EFFECTS OF KARAKAMSA AND THE 5TH THEREFROM:If Jupiter and the Moon are in Karakamsa or the 5th thereof, the native will be an author.

The Moon represents mind or psyche in Astrology. The Karakamsa lagna is analysed to observe the karmic relationship between Soul (Atmakarka), Mind (Moon) and Subtle-body (Karakamsa lagna) of a native. Atmakarka is the planet which has highest longitude in any sign in a native’s birth chart. Jupiter is not only the greatest benefic, but also the prime indicator of a native’s potential as an author, grammarian, philosopher and thinker. Jupiter’s association with Moon is considered to indicate a great influence on a native’s mind in every sense, especially if it’s by conjunction. Even if this association is by aspect, it’s a most auspicious combination. If such an association occurs in the Navmasa chart (Navmasa is the ninth division of Rasi chart and tells about fruits of dharma and marriage for a native), then it indicates the potential of a native as an author, grammarian, thinker, astrologer or a scholar. As per the varying dignities of this combination (exaltation, debilitation and neutrality of either Jupiter or Moon) and as per the various influences on this Yoga, by either conjunction of malefic or benefic planets, or by aspect of various other planets; the degree of the potential of the native varies.

This combination might be interpreted thusly:

(A). Either Jupiter or Moon is Atmakarka. There must be the presence of Jupiter and Moon together in the Karakamsa lagna. The presence of malefic or benefic planets along with these two planets will accordingly increase or decrease the auspiciousness of this combination. Here I am dealing with the case where either Jupiter or Moon is Atmakarka. In next article I would take up the case where these are not Atmakarka but situated in Karakamsa lagna. More than that, we would deal with the cases where Jupiter is situated in the fifth from Karakamsa, which means none of these planets is Atmakarka.

(1) Karakamsa lagna is cancer (Karka):

Let us take following two sub-cases in this case:

a. Jupiter is Atmakarka and Moon is with Jupiter in Karakamsa: Since Jupiter, the Atmakarka is exalted in Karka; the native will be an excellent author and a liberated soul.

b. Moon is Atmakarka and Jupiter is with Moon in Karakamsa. In which case, Moon would be in its own sign, therefore native would not be fully liberated a human being but will be an excellent author.

(2) Karakamsa lagna is Capricorn (Makara):

Let us take following two sub-cases in this case:

a. Jupiter is Atmakarka and Moon is with Jupiter in Karakamsa: Since Atmakarka Jupiter is not highly dignified-though the native would be an author; he would not be an excellent author, neither a realized soul.

b. Moon is Atmakarka and Jupiter is with Moon in Karakamsa: Since Jupiter is debilitated, though native would be a more realized soul than above mentioned in case (2)a., native would not be a great author and he might be an ordinary author when compared to the case immediately preceding this one (above).

I have taken the two extremities of debilitation and exaltation for Jupiter. It should be understood that in the rest of the cases the effects will be somewhat moderate, but any native with a combination like this would be an author and varying influences by malefics and benefics, by aspect or by conjunction will result in slightly better or worse effects than the results where this combination is free from any other influences.

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