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Posted 02/13/12 - 9:02 AM:
Subject: Valentine's Day and other Days!

"I cannot confirm or deny that anything the following prose says has any connection to any matter true or false or any event that has, is, or will occur in the history of the universe. Any similarity to an event or with an actual existing person(s) is purely coincidental."

The Valentine's Day is in the air. In fact it has been floating on the surface of air since last week.

"Sandal Hunk, tell us one thing, what is more important, work or love?" asked Hallmark Haircut Kite with enthusiasm, pointing to Hajj Pan Ran.

"That's a vague question to be honest. Context is not clear." I said promptly, as if I was giving a performance on a stage in a play.

After a brief pause I said "Love is most important in the greater scheme of things, it seems." But I had a certain hesitation while stating this as if I was not clear about my own ideas on the subject matter.

Then I said:

"Without work you cannot feed yourself. The courtship is just entertainment with flavourings and seasonings on top when you have enough to eat and spare. If you're hungry, you don't think about love."

This made Hajj Pan Ran look indignant. She was collecting her thoughts on the subject matter.

"What about a normal scenario, in a working woman's life? Let me be clear about this: Should there be any specific days for love or it should be incessant flow from your heart to the heart of your beloved?" asked Hallmark Haircut Kite.

"Hmm, that sounds like a good question. I have given it a thought. I think, there is no meaning in showing your love on a special day if you live like an automaton for the rest of the year!"

"That's what I am talking about." He said with exultation.

"I don't agree with that." Hajj Pan Ran said with frowned face.

"We're busy performing our duties and we don't get enough time to celebrate, that's why we should take time out to celebrate love on this day." Hajj Pan Ran said with command.

This made me ponder. I found myself saying this after a while:

"I think there is a reason why we are celebrating these days. This pattern of having special days for celebrations is a contribution of West. West might have started celebrating days because of its work-oriented culture, which did not give enough freedom for the expression of love because of the demands made by the work on a day to day basis." I said with doubt. I was not clear about the origin of this pattern and hence my lack of confidence in the statement.

It seemed that they agreed.

"Work without love is not important. Love without work cannot be sustained; therefore there should be a balance. Balanced path is best path to walk on. Thus spake Buddha." I said with confidence.

"He should be a politician. He is ever changing his arguments." Hallmark Haircut Kite said.

Sensing that argument had turned in her favour, Hajj Pan Ran said:

"We work almost every day but celebrate love only on a day. It doesn't mean that we should not express our love on other days, but it's important that we should take this day to come out of our forgetfulness to express our love."

After a walk and a tea, it occurred to me that it has been long since this question has been in my mind and maybe I have got an answer for that at times. But then answer has been forgotten and the memory that I had this question was erased. I again got this question. The question is: Why there are so many days like Valentine's Day, Cancer Day and so and so on?

I think, thereafter it occurred to me that I have two propositions which might suggest about the origin of Days. I do not however, try to make an impression that these propositions cover entirety of the causes behind the beginning and continuation of such trends. I said to them:

“1. Like Independence Day and Valentine's Day, these days are to commemorate some special historic events. These celebrations reinforce memory of some great martyrs or compassionate groups.

2. These Days are to increase awareness about certain things: Like Cancer Day, or Women's Day etc.”

It seemed that they agreed with me or their quota of the intellectual exegesis for the day got exhausted.

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