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Posted 02/10/12 - 3:11 PM:
Subject: The sixth house of horoscope
The sixth house of horoscope, like any other, shows a lot of things. It tells you about Karma for debts, diseases, scholarships, argumentation, enemies, routine jobs, maternal uncles. Let us take sixth house for discussion on various matters. This house shows maternal uncles, simply because it's third from the fourth. As the third house in your horoscope shows your siblings, along with many other things, similarly, the sixth house shows siblings of your mother, because, the fourth house shows your mother. The sixth house shows the debates, discussions and arguments, because it's fifth from the second. The second house represents speech, languages and mouth and its progeny is discussion, debate and argument. As fifth house in a horoscope represents off-springs of a native, fifth from the second represents the debates, discussions and arguments. Moreover, as the second house in a horoscope also tells you about accumulation of wealth (or lack of the same), its progeny, that is lending money or borrowing it, which might be called 'Banking Behaviors' is also judged from the sixth house of a horoscope.

Hands-on learning and communication, along with writing are often observed by analysing the third house in detail. Since the sixth house is the fourth from the third, you may say that the mother (origin) of hands-on learning and good writing is routine (sixth) practices and discussions. As twelfth from any house tells about the losses for any house significations, you may easily understand why fifth house (Purva-Punya, Genius, Merit, Creativity, Romance, Progeny, Speculation), lead to the loss of the Sixth house (Enemies, Debts, Debates, Discussions, Diseases, Divorces, Lending-Borrowing, Jobs). Since Sixth is twelfth from Seventh: It's quite obvious that altercations and debates and divorces lead to dissolution of all agreements be they business or martial.

Loss of balance (Seventh) of energies in body (Sixth-diseases) is so obvious. Since ninth house represents Philosophy and higher religion, and sixth represents debates, the connection between Sixth and ninth is that of Son and Mother. Routine jobs lead to the merits in profession. Detail oriented day to day progress in work leads to the professional success and that is why professional success (or lack of it) (10th house) is progeny of benefic or malefic influences on the Sixth house (detail oriented day to day processing of the routine jobs). Eleventh house is house of all type of gains. Material gains result in loss of debt and network connections (eleventh house) result in increment in number of friends and hence loss of enemies (Sixth house is enemy house and 6th to 6th means cancellation of enemies which means friends!).

Seventh from sixth is the twelfth house of horoscope. The balance of Karmic debts like debates, discussions and diseases is alleviated or aggravated up to a great extent by the Twelfth house. To take an example: Hidden enemies which are represented by the sixth house are activated behind the closed doors (the twelfth house). Since the sleep (12th house) is balancing of routine and detailed oriented work (6th); these two houses balance-off each other. Meditation leads to balance for the diseases. Meditation balances the discussions and debates. Meditation balances work and karmic debt as well. Meditation (12th house activity) helps balance 6th house activity. The eight houses in a native's horoscope suggests about longevity, inheritance, accidental mishaps, secret knowledge, death and self-transformation in general.

The first house is the eight from the sixth. The first house represents self, confidence, appearance, social image, complexion etc. Since sixth suggests debts, scholarships, hidden enemies, diseases, debates; the transformation of debts, jobs, diseases is dependent on the social image, physical image, self-realization etc. To take an example for mapping attributes of Sixth house to the First: The great social image and confidence will lead to the death of enemies and debts.
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