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Posted 01/21/12 - 12:17 PM:
Subject: Blinking Rates
Blinking is a natural activity in humans. I have observed a few things and read a few more about it which are intriguing and call for further attention. But far from having any unique understanding in this regard, I just have a few observations:

1. Normal blinking rates in adults are considered to be 12-15 blinks per minute.

2. Infants do not blink at all after birth and as they grow up, after a few months they blink very less often compared to adults (i.e. 1 -2 blinks per minute). It’s suggested that they don’t get stressed (And stress levels are correlated with blinking rates) and they don’t strain their eyes and spend a lot of time in sleeping which accounts for their low blinking rates.

3. Persons who blink too often are considered to be resorting to speaking what they consider far from truth because it makes them nervous. Eye contact indeed tells a lot about persons in conversation but blinking rate tells about cognition as well.

4. Blinking rates reduce in activities like reading, rest and meditation as you stay engaged for a while.

5. Sir Anthony Hopkins mentioned an intriguing fact about Hannibal Lecter (The greatest villain on screen ever in cinema in opinion of some, enacted by him in The Silence of the Lambs series). Part of why Hannibal looked so much of a monster was because of his stillness. He said that Hannibal was designed to be still and scare people. Hannibal Lecter almost never blinks while in the conversations. He told that while preparing for the role of Hannibal Lecter, he watched many video tapes of most notorious murderer Charles Mansion and acquired this trait of not blinking from him as he was preparing to enter into the skin of the Hannibal. Why Mansion rarely used to blink and what does it tell you about murderers in general if it tells you anything at all?

6. Infamous Indian mystic Osho rarely used to blink in his later videos. I have found him blinking very often in his earlier videos especially when he was speaking in his native tongue and contrary to the expectations of many he used to speak very fast in Hindi. His later adopted Zen-like style of very gradual speech and movements was mostly because he was speaking in English which he had acquired very late in his life and he had difficulty in forming sentences fluently. His blink-less mesmerizing gaze has been however observed by many persons over the years in those videos. Was that to convey his meditative state of tranquillity or something else?

Your insights in this regard are most welcome. Feel free to write me about it.

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