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Posted 01/12/12 - 12:27 AM:
Subject: A Nightmare!
The dream started as a normal, routine, nothing-to-worry-about dream. I was preparing for an examination and so were my siblings. Then, as I was about to leave for examination center, my brother who is younger to me observed that there was a lizard on my forehead. He clapped towards it and then it ran away. After some time, as we were just reflecting on abundance of lizards and the surreptitious motion by which they enter anywhere, he observed one more lizard, this time, over my head instead of my forehead. Now, this dream was starting to take a bit tense turn. He tried to intimidate this lizard but failed to make it run. He tried many times and was a bit perplexed by its stubborn nature. I was calm during this period. When I found that my sibling is done with his efforts to scare this lizard away, I moved it away using my hand and in doing so, I found that I touched it. Thereafter, most of things which happened in the dream seem to have revolved around this event. It seems that details pertaining to examination, for which we were so rigorously preparing, just evaporated. We told about this event to our parents but it seemed that they did not take much interest in it. As it proceeded, all of a sudden my brother noticed a dark spot in the white of my left eye. Dramatically enough the eye affected in the dream has been mentioned as left eye throughout but once I reflected on the details of the dream after waking up-I found that it was my right eye. Now, one weird looking explanation for this could be that I was witnessing my image throughout the dream, rather than inhabiting it, therefore, the eye affected was to my left side and hence somewhere along the course of events all of us started addressing it as left eye. Whatever might have been the cause I was almost convinced after waking up that it was the right eye. The sclera of my right eye had a black patch as observed by my brother. He meticulously noticed that this black spot was similar in shape to the head of the lizard which he noticed on my forehead earlier. It makes clear that the lizard must have been sitting to the left or right portion of my forehead and hanging its head down to my eye. Then, it has somehow affected my eye to leave impression of its head on sclera. It seems that my insouciance regarding the lizards on my forehead and head started to get converted into grim feelings of suspicion and fear. I was very scared after this and the normal dream started looking like a nightmare.

Later on, I showed this spot to all my family members and to one of my uncles as well and I was expressing disgust towards the surroundings which let lizards pop-up anywhere anytime. I was also dissatisfied with my nonchalance towards this affair because I failed to give importance to it when my brother had first observed reptilians on my head.

Scene changes abruptly and cuts to an open ground in a house where a small Shiva temple is standing still in a corner. I found that an infant is trying to go down stairs into a room, but, he is not able to do so easily; in fact, he seems stuck. I pick him up and he starts talking and then I find his father standing nearby. His father says to me “You cannot spoon-feed your kids and you have to let them struggle, only then, they become capable of meeting challenges of life”. I was astonished to observe that his father was my cousin, the elder son of my aunt and I was elder to him and we had played together in childhood. I meet my aunt then and I observe something peculiar: The cousin of mine is not my cousin but actually a cousin of my father. The aunt is indeed my aunt, i.e. she is a sibling of my father; but, the guy who is cousin in my dream is actually the cousin of my father (in real life). He is son of my father’s aunt. This seems to be cross-mixing of some relations in my dream. Then some dialogue ensues and I remain perplexed. I do not actually recall what happened first in the dream, the lizard event or the event where I met that kid but towards the end it seemed that lizard scene became a very grave situation and I was thinking of surgeries and so on. It was a horrendous nightmare!

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