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Posted 01/10/12 - 1:11 PM:
Subject: Poor Chap Picks It Up, Every Single Time!
Please do not spit chewing gum.

Dropping something then staring at it until a poor chap picks it up for you.

This is the message pasted on the wall where urinals are fixed in my office's washroom and I read it every day. [ Obviously only while taking a piss!]

Now, for me, possible meanings are: First, it seems like an aphorism. The creator of the aphorism is saying that you drop something at some place and then you wait there until a poor chap comes along and picks it up for you because he has been appointed for doing just that, i. e. picking it up for you. This does not seem tragic at all even when the word ‘poor’ has been used. It seems hilarious and comical and playful. In case where intent is that this ‘poor chap’ is not appointed but someone who comes along and picks it up for you, it’s even more absurd; because then it is not apparent that why in the name of A Vary Holy Hub you were staring at it instead of picking it up!

Second meaning seems to be: You drop something just because a poor chap comes to pick it up for you and gives it to you. It means you do so because you know that someone would come later and pick it up for you and meanwhile you would stand akimbo and stare at it. In this sense, it seems that the poor chap who is picking it up for you is doing so because it’s something valuable and it just slipped accidentally into the urinal because you were careless.

A very hilarious part of this sentence is ‘staring at it’. It seems that you drop this thing just because you derive voyeuristic pleasure by observing someone pick it up for you. More enjoyable than observing someone pick it up for you is just ‘staring at it with your eyeballs popping out’. Isn’t it uproarious?

If the intention was to just make someone aware of the injustice done with the ‘poor chap’ has to pick it up for everyone, the word ‘spit’ again would have done magic. ‘Dropping’ is rather funny a choice. Why in the name of holy Sandal Hunk would someone drop something and then stare at it and that too during urination? It’s simply beyond my understanding. Why then, a poor chap should be appointed to pick it up and give it back to the person who dropped it? It seems that someone was taking a piss and dropped his jewel into one of the urinals and then a miserable guy comes and 'picks it up' for him. Why would not someone just dispose of it or clean it away, instead of 'picking it up' and why would you keep looking at it until they are done with it.

The statement might seem perfectly fine to some of us. I was a bit surprised to read it. The meaning intended was: “Do not spit the chewing gum into the urinals because it’s not good, someone else would have to dispose of it from there and until it is moved anyone who uses a urinal has to look at it, and looking it glued to the urinal is not pleasant; so please exercise caution.”
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