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Posted 12/30/11 - 7:26 PM:
Subject: About Theology, Math and Science
About Theology, Math and Science

In one respect, theology is like mathematics. Mathematicians start with axioms (initially accepted truths) and use logical derivation to justify consecutive claims, called theorems. Once proven, a theorem cannot be rejected, unless a logical error is found in the derivation. Science is very different; here claims are justified, in the final analysis, by experimental observations, not by pure logic only. A scientific claim becomes valid after it is confirmed in reproducible experiments.

Furthermore, scientific validations are always tentative; scientists know that future experiments might result in rejection, or partial rejection, of what has already been accepted. Scientific truth is not claimed to be eternal, like those in theology and mathematics. One similarity between theology and mathematics, however, should not prevent us from seeing important differences; one of them has to do with disagreements about axioms. Theologians much more divided than mathematicians.

Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia) and
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Not to mention that maths are actually irrefutably consistent, adaptable to new axioms, and really more of a system whithin which open-minded research is possible if not imperative.

Which is not to say that some math professors aren't something of a (religious) nutcase anyway. sticking out tongue
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