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Posted 12/01/11 - 10:43 PM:
Subject: The Noosphere
Im interested in what you guys have to say about this.
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Posted 12/02/11 - 12:44 PM:

I got acquainted with the ideas of 'Noosphere' and 'Akashik Records' together, more than a decade and half ago. Since then, I have consistently read about Noosphere in one source or another.

You cannot easily reject about the 'clouding' of similar thoughts. If you get depressive thoughts, you get so many at once that they become reinforcement of each other in a seemingly infinite chain and vice versa.

If you observe clouds in sky for enough long; you would find that there is a pattern--smaller clouds merge into bigger chunks and so on and similarly thoughts seem to get attracted towards 'bigger' chunks.

How then, you get a 'change' in thoughts if Noosphere is there?

The reach of Noosphere must vary with the progression of days and time...and place and your disposition. You get a rupture in this seemingly indefinite building-up of thought process by some agency--that is why this pattern changes---otherwise--once you get a suicidal thought or a thought to conquer the world--there will be no looking back.

Interesting topic!


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Posted 12/02/11 - 12:56 PM:

hi thoughtsarethings, this is an interesting concept, i had never heard of it. i wonder if it is conceptually related at all to noumenon.

is noosphere a metaphor, or does it denote a literal place? is noosphere meant to be synonymous with collective consciousness?

does greater awareness arise from complexity in thought?
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Posted 12/02/11 - 3:32 PM:

Thoughtsarethings wrote:
Im interested in what you guys have to say about this.

I'm a fan of 3d printing, transmutation is but a form of 3d printing but with a more fancy control-panel, not?
Or the idea about quantum computing universe where properties relating to zero valued matter interacts on each other and emerges energy space and matter or converts any energy matter etc within a process at will(debatable).
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Posted 12/04/11 - 6:37 AM:

Wikipedia probably wasnt the best website to link on the subject.

The link below has a better description.

I first heard of the Noosphere a couple years back researching Aldus Huxley. The noosphere is basically the unification of all human thought. We see this in the internet. We can now access it from mobile devices at high speeds. We can instantly communicate with anyone in the world, given you have the proper rate plan. I find this so interesting.

Heres an excerpt from a dialogue with Richard Doyle, an author and professor. It is actually promotion for his new book but he mentions the noosphere:

JASON: The Jesuit Priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin spoke of the Noosphere very early on. A profile in in WIRED Magazine article said"Teilhard imagined a stage of evolution characterized by a complex membrane of information enveloping the globe and fueled by human consciousness"... Teilhard saw the Net coming more than half a century before it arrived. He believed this vast thinking membrane would ultimately coalesce into "the living unity of a single tissue" containing our collective thoughts and experiences." Teilhard wrote, "The living world is constituted by consciousness clothed in flesh and bone." He argued that the primary vehicle for increasing complexity consciousness among living organisms was the nervous system. The informational wiring of a being, he argued -- whether of neurons or electronics -- gives birth to consciousness. As the diversification of nervous connections increases, evolution is led toward greater consciousness... thoughts?

RICH: Yes, he also called it this process of the evolution of consciousness"Omega Point". The noosphere imagined here relied on a change in our relationship to consciousness as much to any technological change and was part of evolution's epic quest for self awareness. Here Teilhard is in accord with Julian Huxley (Aldous' brother, a biologist) and Carl Sagan when they observed that"we are a way for the cosmos to know itself." Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine traces out this evolution of consciousness as well through the greek and Sanskrit traditions as well as Darwinism and (relatively) modern philosophy. All are describing evolution's slow and dynamic quest towards understanding itself.

Here is the link for anyone who wants to read the rest of the dialogue:

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