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How do you define God?

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Posted 12/02/11 - 6:18 AM:

thedoc wrote:
On another forum a contributor asserted that every thing a person does is to move in the direction of 'greater satisfaction' by stating that what they must have geven them 'greater satisfaction' than any other possible choice. It's a circular definition therefore meaningless, likewise Happiness can be defined as what a person does, must have made them happy because that is what they did, again meaningless.

If what you did ended up giving you happiness, more often than others; you're wiser. Wisdom is all about choices.

Permanent happiness hypothesis--as in Moksha, Nirvana or Jeevan-Mukti; depends on more than just choices but then whatever you do gives no happiness or unhappiness and hence that is called ultimate happiness--Joy, Ananda.

henry quirk
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Posted 12/02/11 - 9:34 AM:

"There is a deal of universalising goes on on this site"

Generalizing, yes...I'm guilty of that.

"Universalizing", no...that's not true.

If, for example, I generalize about human motivations, it's because I note certain base commonalities among individuals (the differences among individuals far outweigh the similarities, but this doesn't negate the similarities).

My generalizing, then, is akin to saying 'all men have testicles'...a true statement that says nothing about how each man views his jewels, or what each man does with his jewels.

As for 'universals': there aren't any.
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Posted 12/02/11 - 2:15 PM:

Re-ed wrote:

God is whatever you worship.

Sounds good to me, in that light I guess I worship learning, knowledge, the ability to think and reason, but none of this precludes the idea that there is a God. Joseph Campbell defined God as 'that which we cannot explain', or something like that.
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