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Posted 11/29/11 - 2:09 AM:
Subject: Shit
I sit and watch. I sit and listen. I constantly reconsider – withhold all claims that may be premature (yet all claims are premature). Are they? Yes. Why do you say this? Because there exists the possibility that we could always be wrong. How do you know that you are correct in assuming the existence of said possibility? I have been proven wrong before. What does it mean to be wrong? It means that one holds a belief that does not correspond with the facts (or, if you prefer, the ‘world’). What are facts? Aren’t they just propositions that have been proven to be true? Of course not – facts are facts. How do we gain access to these facts? Facts are transparent. For example; it is a fact that we are now communicating with each-other. We are speaking to each other. Yes. Ok, but this does not necessarily mean that we are communicating. Perhaps it would be better to say that we are speaking to each-other. Yes, flapping our mouths. So, are we communicating? Let’s backtrack a bit.
One can be wrong and yet not know that they are wrong. Ah knowing – but isn’t this a separate issue. No. Let’s stick to belief. What does it mean to believe? To believe something means that one takes it as true. Takes what? One sees a thing or ‘state affairs’ as true. So what – is belief something felt (sensed)? No, feelings (sensations) have nothing to do with belief. Really? Well, let me provide an example; I believe that I have two hands. But don’t you know that? Yes, but in order to know anything one must believe. Well, I believe that you are insane. I also believe that we should move on from this topic.
I wait (for what?). Understanding. Understanding of what? Total understanding – understanding of everything. There is no ‘everything’ – ‘everything’ is a mental projection which itself is created by a faith in the existence of things. I don’t wait. Ok, so what do you do? …
I hate noise. What kind of noise? All kinds. What about the human voice? No, of course I do not hate to hear a voice. Do you love voices? No, my feelings towards a voice are dependent upon whatever it is that is being said. But isn’t that more than voice; isn’t it also talk. Are we talking now, or are we just hearing each other’s voice. I can only speak for myself. Ah, speaking – an entirely different matter. Is it?
Relax man, I was joking. You should try to have some fun, stop thinking so much. Why should I have fun? Ha-ha, you are like a child – always asking “why?” Well, you are like god with your “you should do this or that”. I am not doing that, I am merely saying that enjoyment is good. If you had some fun, I think it would be good for you.
What is good? Ask Plato. I did, and I found his answer unsatisfactory. Did he have an answer? No, not really. What is a proper answer? I don’t know. Every inquiry (question) is itself in some way determined by what is sought (answer). We are in a circle, but this is not some static circle – it has many levels, like a spiral.
Are we ourselves part of this spiral?
No, but we contribute to it.
Are we outside of it?
I think you are insane.
Think whatever you will.


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Posted 11/29/11 - 7:28 AM:

Onward wrote: One can be wrong and yet not know that they are wrong

Is that really possible? If the person does not know that they are wrong, could it not be "right" for them and not for you? If you think about a "red" cup, you may call it "red" and be right but I may call it "rojo" and be just as correct.
I don't think there is so much a "right" way or a "wrong" way to communicate. Instead I would rather have the common goal of finding ideas that we can agree on.
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