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Posted 11/05/11 - 3:02 PM:
Subject: Hot Fuzz!
The movie starts with comic portrayal of agent Nicholas who has been a super-achiever in his career and this very super-achievement becomes the cause of his transfer to the country side (Because his superiors think him as a minatory threat to their positions). It seems that he suffers from an incessant rush of adrenaline which makes him hyperactive cop with an inability to relax psychologically or physically. In his very first haul in the country side village Sandford (after his transfer) agent Nicholas drives all minors away from the bar situated near his hotel; hilariously, once minors are expelled out of the bar none is left in the bar but agent Nicholas. Everyone keeps on eating chocolate cakes in this village police station and none bothers with duty. This village has had no crimes in last 20 years and every death is treated as an accident.

Then, a series of Halloween style lurid murders ensues and one after another murder takes place with no palpable clue.The murderer with in the mysterious black cloak pokes agent Nicholas, murder after murder, in his nose while everyone else vehemently asserts that these deaths are just routine accidents. In one such murder agent chases the murderer and to his astonishment murderer beats him by running like Maurice Greene (in spite of the fact that agent is a record holder in sprinting!)

The signboard at the entrance of the village reads: “Welcome to Sandford, the community that cares”. All they do, they do for greater good. The scene where agent Nicholas drives the car away from Sandford reminds me of the Lost Highway. Initial fast-paced scenes remind me of the movie Trainspotting. Yes, this movie has British way of saying witty things. It reminds you of ‘Shaun of The Dead’ and it reminds you of so many good movies you have seen recently. The secret conference in the castle is most appalling scene. This scene in particular reminds you of Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. This movie reminds you of ‘Stepford Wives’ too. The mass hysteria and the conspiracy theory combined are the motifs in this movie. If you are a connoisseur of action movies; do watch this one. If you are fond of mystery movies do watch this one. If you like to watch good comedy movies; do watch this movie. You will enjoy it!
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