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Posted 11/01/11 - 6:16 AM:
Subject: Psychedelics and Vivekananda!

"I cannot confirm or deny that anything the following prose says, has any connection to any matter true or false or any event that has, is, or will occur in the history of the universe. Any similarity to an event or with an actual existing person(s) is purely coincidental."

Scene 1

A bunch of gentlemen was standing under a tree in a circle. It was not a sunny day and sun was not shining at all. There were no rainbows and no drizzles. Clouds were thick and it was slightly more cold than normal but overall it was enjoyable pink winter noon. Some of those gentlemen were smoking cigarettes and creating puffs of smoke in the air. A few vehicles were passing on the road and birds were chirping. Some ducks were paddling in the nearby lake.

Ashkit: We are planning a trip to Goa in summer vacations, is any of you willing to come with us?

Arkkit: Who all are going?

Ashkit: I am going with my flatmates.

Manus: Have you been there earlier?

Ashkit: Yes man, it’s a lot of fun out there. You have so many things to enjoy out there. You can easily get weed, Ganja and other psychedelics.

Danadan: Oh! Is it so? You can get it easily if you go this time?

Ashkit: Hey man, are you going to take smack? I did not expect this from you!
[Everyone starts laughing out loudly!]

Arkkit: Many Sanyasins and spiritual people take those stuffs so he can also take I think.

Danadan: My askance was for sake of itself; though yes, even Vivekananda used to smoke Ganja at times.
And even before Danadan has finished this sentence, Manus jumps in with peremptory tone and puckered infuriated face and grim eyes.

Manus: Don’t speak about things you know nothing of!
[This sudden shout halting the flow of hitherto light-hearted conversation made everyone Astounded!]

Danadan: [To himself]: Who do you meet my lord? Fanatics, fanatics and fanatics!

[Atmug, Arkkit and Ashkit [To themselves]: Oh, my goodness, why this sesquipedalian sophistry has to get manifested in this very conversation; now better this conversation ends quickly]

Danadan: How do you know that I don’t know? I have read many biographies of Vivekananda.

Manus: [Again with intense voice and angry face]: Don’t speak about things you know nothing of!

[Others, sensing that discussion has become altercation, try to change the topic and say some funny things about Goa.]

[Then they all leave]

Danadan is convinced of having read that Vivekananda used to smoke Ganja at times and he has read that lord Shiva also used to take ultimate psychedelic called ‘Soma Rasa’ and even today all devotees of lord Shiva consume many psychedelics.
Danadan searches on Google about Vivekananda and finds out very soon many sources citing Vivekananda’s smoking of Ganja.
He takes most reliable resource, that is, Srila Prabhupada’s lecture. Srila Prabhupada was an eminent spiritual figure who founded ‘Krishna Consciousness’ and has as many followers if not more as Vivekananda.

Scene 2

Danadan composes a mail which goes like this:

Hi all,

This is a link of Srila Prabhupada’s lecture where he has admitted that Vivekananda used to smoke Ganja. This is an excerpt from that lecture.



I am not a follower of Prabhupada or Vivekananda- it’s not my intention to disparage or exalt one over the other but I thought it appropriate to just cite one source which is reliable and supports my claims. I used to be an ardent follower of Vivekananda in my early boyhood days but now I am done with that and yes, I have read many of his biographies.


[And he sends this mail to all those who were present during the discussion and immediately after getting this mail Manus replies back:]



It would be highly appreciated if you do not spam my inbox.




[ Brevity is mother of wit!]

Later on as Atmug, Ashkit approach Danadan:

Danadan: Did you see my mail? I do not comprehend how someone could question my opinion on a subject when his own opinion is not educated enough. I do not say that my opinion is irrefutable and unique and authoritative and neither had I said to anyone “Do not speak what you know not!”

How could Manus say such a thing to me? We both were not born when Vivekananda used to live and we cannot say anything based on first-hand experience. Whatever I say, I say based on the books and articles and lectures I have read or heard. There is a great chance of all of my sources being wrong but this does not deprave me of my entitlement to my opinion. Just because some fanatics feel that others are not supposed to speak about certain things, I cannot stop speaking about what I feel counts as an opinion in a discussion. According to many books I have read, Vivekananda went on a pan-India tour roaming like a nomad and during that tour he used to stay with Sanyasins of all types and as he used to stay with Sanyasins who were already smoking Ganja; he too tried it. I am not saying that he was an addict or something!

Atmug and Ashkit chuckle!

Atmug seemed to agree completely with the assertion or rather he did not want to comment anymore on it.

Ashkit: Let Vivekananda consume cocaine, heroin or LSD; it’s none of my business. Why not we let him rest in peace?

Danadan: That is alright; but the arrogance and authority with which that person halted my sentence even before I had completed it was preposterous.

I ask: What authority he has to utter “Don’t speak about things you know nothing about”?
How many books he has read or what research he has done about it?

Ashkit chuckles and they all leave the scene.

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