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Lunar Transits: Easiest Experiment in Vedic Astrol

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Posted 10/25/11 - 9:56 AM:
Subject: Lunar Transits: Easiest Experiment in Vedic Astrol
As opposed to slowly moving lord of Karma Saturn, Moon, also known as Luna (you know Lunatic!) or Chandra is a swiftly moving planet in Vedic Astrology. I have done empirical research on the transits of Moon which, up to a great extent affirms the findings of great seers of Vedic Astrology. Anyone with earnestness can find out for himself that Moon’s transits do affect the psyche to a great degree.

Moon’s transits are easy to track because they’re fast when compared to most of the other planets in Vedic Astrology. Moon takes just 2.25 days (54 hours) to pass through a sign, which also means that it comes to a zodiacal sign again by transit after 27 days. Anyone with an observant mind can track the change in his thoughts and feelings as Moon passes through various signs and comes back to his own Moon sign. This would at once prove veracity of my claims about the effect of Moon’s transits.

It’s just great if someone with patience and observance notes down the variation in his thoughts and feelings for a cycle of 27 days. After 27 days’ period he would be in a position to approve or refute the efficacy of such a method along with a judgment on truth in the effect of Moon’s transits.

If a native can find out after sustained effort, about the effect of Moon’s transit on his psyche, he would be in a position to independently infer by virtue of inductive method, that, larger heavenly bodies which take greater time in transits, such as, Jupiter and Saturn, affect a native significantly or not.

You have to do just this: Find out your Moon sign. Your Moon sign is the zodiacal sign in which Moon was placed at the time of your birth. Since Moon does not change its sign for 2.25 days, if you know the approximate time of birth, along with date of birth; you can easily find out your Moon sign. There are many websites on internet providing you your Moon sign. Once you know your Moon sign, you have to just retain in mind the order of the Moon signs. This is the order in which all the planets, including Moon transit through signs (Except retrograde planets, like Rahu(North node of Moon) and Ketu(South node of Moon), which travel in opposite order). After having done this you have to assume that your Moon sign is house number one for you and rest of the signs are houses 2, 3, 4…etc.

For example: If My Moon sign is Sagittarius-Moon will be in the first house when it will be in the Sagittarius. As soon as it moves into the Capricorn it moves into second house for me. Similarly, since Moon is in the Virgo at the time this article is being written, it’s in the 10th house for me.

Once you understand this and note down your observations on your moods, thoughts, feelings, experiences, with respect to various house positions of Moon, for 27 days, you will be amazed to find that there will be certain sharp points of exaltation and depression for you. There are standard results in Vedic Astrology with respect to Moon’s various house positions, but, it would be great if you independently find out whether it works for you or not.

I have got astounding results, not only for myself but also for my friends and relatives by tracking Moon’s transits for many years now, which, in turn has bolstered my enthusiasm to research on other transits. Moon’s transits are easiest empirical experiments one can engage into if one is beginning to learn Vedic Astrology.

Anyone with more curiosity in this matter can contact me about his findings and can compare results with standard results. I will try to do another article for effects of various transits and we might also discuss on the concept of Vedha(obstruction in transit) in that article.
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