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Posted 10/22/11 - 2:35 PM:
Subject: Word Power Made Easiest!
What did you think when you read the title? Did you think that I would recommend you to a read lot of books and magazines or did you think that it would be something more interesting and engaging and fun?

Have you ever played word games? Scrabble or analogies or online quizzes? Did you observe how they affected your vocabulary? How do quizzes build your vocabulary? Good quizzes, good books, good movies and good TV shows, all do a very important thing at first; which others of inferior quality do not do to you.

What is that single most important thing? The single most crucial inception in building a rock solid foundation for the entry of a new member in your working vocabulary! That vital but mostly neglected factor is---to bring a new word into your awareness. Quizzes do this to a greater extent than all other aforementioned things because of the state of flow they create for you! They create flow because of the degree of mental challenge and scoring pattern in them.

More important than learning a new word is becoming aware of its existence at first. Giving respect to its existence is what opens a new vista in your thought process. A new word sometimes opens a new universe of possibilities for you. What is the role of good vocabulary quizzes in improving your vocabulary?

The answer is: Since they repeat some words which are at the very threshold of your highest level of vocabulary and give you another chance to correct yourself many times, they reinforce the awareness of existence of those words in your consciousness, which later on get internalized into your system. No matter how much I emphasize this simple looking phenomenon, it would remain under stressed.

Research has shown that all of us learn words with a rapid rate until we reach at a difficulty level which is threshold for us. Beyond this threshold we learn almost no words. It is our proclivity to omit the words beyond this threshold as soon as we encounter them in literature, media and conversations. What good quizzes do is to challenge you at your threshold repeatedly. A word thus entered into your awareness remains there for some time and even if you do not learn its meaning, it keeps on knocking at the door of your consciousness until you learn it and later on you internalize it into your system. In this way quizzes make new acquaintances for you and later make them your word family members.

Contrary to the commonly held belief the chances of learning new words while reading books for fun is very less when compared to quizzes because repetitions are not as many and you skip words beyond your threshold level even if you are challenged enough. Quizzes challenge you and hence you exercise your mental muscles and create an inner space for new word and later on this word repeatedly haunts you until you befriend it amicably.

My verdict is that this superb phenomenon of vocabulary augmentation using quizzes is something of a unique experience for me. Some standard quizzes which challenge you at your threshold level stay in your memory for a decades and shape your vocabulary significantly. The importance of quizzes cannot be under-estimated because they titillate you, challenge you and create a new space in your mind for new words, which becomes the foundation for building up a superior vocabulary.

You can experiment with it very easily. Try to learn new words using rote memorization, using reading and using quizzes, then, compare the results. The words which are most likely to stay with you for longest duration of time are those which you learn by playing quizzes.
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