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henry quirk
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Posted 06/02/11 - 9:06 AM:
Subject: regret
Extending out from Lib's post in 'more internet sites everyone should visit'.

What regrets do you think you'll have on your death bed?

I believe I'll have only one: but, as the thread-starter, I'll let you folks go first... wink

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Posted 06/02/11 - 11:01 AM:

so far no regrets, i hope to keep it that way thumb up
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Posted 06/06/11 - 2:36 AM:

The question is perspicuously speculative one, because, we cannot guess what would be nature of events at the time of death ( as interpreted usually, in my jargon, there is no death and much has been said about it, already!). If the question is formed the other way: " Suppose you are on your death bed right now; what regrets you have?"

My answer is: None, I have seen life in many forms from many angles and there is nothing which would make it better or worse.


There obviously springs up a curious kid in me, every now and then, asking a thousand questions like:

What is universe and what is its totality?

who am I?

Is there a purpose of existence?

and so and so on...

These questions have often been answered but ever remain unanswred and more than that I think that they get dissolved...

henry quirk
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Posted 06/07/11 - 8:36 AM:

My only regret 'now' and (I think) 'tomorrow': occasions when I don't/didn't listen to my gut.

My most terrible (and embarrassing) failures all have at the root my failure to listen to 'me'.

This is not to say I don't sometimes fail (spectacularly!) when I follow my instincts, but -- in the least -- 'those' failures are distinctly 'mine'.
child of the stars

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Posted 06/21/11 - 3:20 PM:

Not living it all to the fullest, I'm afraid. We'll see. smiling face
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Posted 06/24/11 - 2:53 AM:

Probably the same regrets I now experience. I often wish I had not put myself in a position of no way out. I'm too dedicated to the wellbeing of my family to leave. It's funny that we lock ourselves in so as to participate in the survival of the species without so much as our own consent in all but rare instances.
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