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Posted 04/27/11 - 1:29 AM:
Subject: The Sixth Anniversary of 'The Couch' !
Hello everyone,

On April 27, 2011, I have completed 2 years since I registered on this comely forum. It has been a sheer delight to exchange ideas, listen passively and to witness nice works of arts here. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading a lot of ancient (from the view point of this forum!) threads. The first member of this forum, who is also the administrator of the forum, joined on April 16, 2005. It has been 6 years! Monk2400, Willem, DerEngie and e joined on April 19, 2005[ As per the records!] . I have not interacted with e, but he sounds like a very good thinker. I had a chance to interact with DerEngie on MPG, but since that forum went down, I have had no interaction with him( It was my pleasure to interact with him!) . Even Henry joined here on April 17, 2008.[ Not a coincidence!]

Most of the members who joined in April have been active for enough long. It seems that April is indeed a very important month for forum! (Just speculating!).
As expressed earlier, the forum has been a great platform to express my ideas and it has contributed in my intellectual endowment. Members here have given their much valuable feedback to my ideas for which I shall always remain grateful!

I would love to hear your experiences with forum and in life in general since you joined this forum ![A lot of things change in 6 years indeed!]

Lib: Would you please like to share some of your experiences, how this forum was started, some nice memories and some anecdotes?
What is the story behind some of most active members joining on April 19, 2005?

Sincerely yours,


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Posted 04/28/11 - 12:24 AM:

spring is always an important time of year for me. i always feel tremendously energized by the coming of spring.

Thinker wrote:
Would you please like to share some of your experiences, how this forum was started, some nice memories and some anecdotes?

i was an ardent frequenter of MPG in the early days. that's how i met monk, smoki, basta, e., and others. at some point, i had some disagreement with pam, the admin of MPG. i don't even remember what it was about anymore, it's been so long ago. but i decided to give forum administration a try myself. i had seen other MPG members go off and start their own forums, it seemed like an interesting prospect. so the couch was born amidst some MPG controversy. i'm pleased to report though that pam linked the couch after she closed MPG. it was a nice gesture on her part, a sign of no hard feelings.

i have to thank paul & monk for their tremendous support over the years. paul is the one who wrote the forum software. he has been kind enough to help with technical support all along & helped us get through a couple of virus scares! monk, besides sharing his wealth of knowledge and powers of deduction (and sense of humor!) has also contributed tremendously to the couch newsletter while it was going. thank you monk! we have had our differences (of course, who doesn't? especially after spending this much time together.) but i will be forever grateful for the time he has spent (and will continue to spend, god willing!) helping the couch grow. thanks guys. you guys rock. heart

you all rock too, both active posters & active readers. the couch is really a place i feel great love for. other than my sister, there are very very few people i know in my "real" life that i can have these philosophical discussions with. i love how each of you has a very distinct style. it has been a joy getting to know the regulars here.

hmm, anecdotes. nothing specific comes to mind, only because there are dozens if not hundreds of threads full of great memories. i have great memories of working on the couch newsletter too. i hope to be able to get that going again sometime. i *will* say that the dream interpretation thread has been among my favorites.

thanks all for helping the couch be,
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